Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Jul 15, 2002 on TNT
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Sara experiences love at first sight when she meets a man who is perfect for her. But the affair goes awry when Irons returns from the grave with knowledge of the man's true identity. Sara is faced with an impossible dilemma: Can she kill the man she loves?moreless

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    Jeffrey Donovan

    Jeffrey Donovan

    Daniel Germaine

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    Kenneth Wickes

    Kenneth Wickes

    Irish Priest

    Guest Star

    Sharlene Yuen

    Sharlene Yuen

    Lee Woo

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    Kathryn Winslow

    Kathryn Winslow

    Vicki Po

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    Lazar Rockwood

    Lazar Rockwood

    Lazar (credited as Lazar)

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Trivia: When Ian speaks with the reflection of his father, he asks if the person that he is to search for can bring Kenneth back. Irons tells Ian that he is already back, but doesn't explain further.

      • Nitpick: Sara tells Danny that Ian killed Daniel, but Nottingham is never arrested or charged with the crime officially. How would Sara explain not charging him with Murder One? Even if she claimed that Daniel survived the attack, it would still be a felonious assault and attempted murder, something no police officer could just let go.

      • Lazar Sighting

        Lazar is present at the burning of Joan of Arc, and then at the hospital when Sara learns that Daniel has disappeared from his room.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • (After Sara stabs Daniel)
        Sara: I'm sorry.
        Daniel: Finally...I'm dying. Thank you. I've killed...and I've maimed...but I never loved...until you.

      • Sara: What do you want me to do?
        Daniel: If you love me, Sara, you must kill me. Joan burned in Rouen as I watched. I found her too late to have her do it for me. The amulet upon your wrist can end my suffering. it has been worn by matyrs. It is of divine alchemy. If it doesn't work, nothing will. It is the only thing I know of that is powerul enough to terminate this living hell...a hell that you lifted me from briefly.
        Sara: I can't, I can't kill you.
        Daniel: Death at your hands is my only chance at redemption. Sara, once I found you, I could have easily manipulated you into killing me. I could have kidnapped your friend Gabriel... (flash of Gabriel strapped with explosives then being blown up) ...blackmailed you. Without blinking an eye, I could have snuffed the lives of your partners that you're so fond of... (flash of Daniel shooting Jake and stabbing Danny) ...forced you to kill me. All of which was my original plan, but I did none of these things. Instead, I fell in love with you.

      • Daniel: That coin belonged to Cartaphilus. You know who that was?
        Gabriel: Yeah. Doesn't everyone?
        Daniel: Thankfully not.

      • Sara: (talking to Kenneth's body in the morgue) Nice of you to haunt me, Kenny!
        Irons: I'm jealous. Jealous that you are alive, jealous that you feel the change of seasons, jealous that you won the day.

      • Sara: Oh, they did love their executions!
        Gabriel: Yeah, it's kind of the medieval version of reality TV.
        Sara: Yeah, would have been called No Survivor!

      • Danny: Did you just belt me?!
        Sara: (unable to explain that Irons had just possessed Danny in order to mock her) Ah, yeah... I'll explain later.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Vicky: To coin a phrase, 'It's alive.'
        This is a reference to the impassioned cry of Dr Frankenstein when his creature comes to life in 1931 film Frankenstein.

      • Lagrimas

        Lagrima is Spanish for "tear", and when used in a phrase, such as "crocodile tears", the word's form changes to lagrimas.

      • The story of The Wandering Jew was first featured in literature in the thirteenth century. A Jew (with many different names in literature including Cartaphilus) is doomed to walk the Earth until the second coming of Christ after demanding Jesus move on as he is resting while carrying the cross. In some legends Cartaphilus is a Roman soldier, but he is not a Greek in any of the surviving literature.