Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Aug 12, 2002 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • Lazar Sighting:
      Lazar is in the ice cream truck when Sara is looking for Bola at the schoolyard.

    • Nitpick
      The convict Sara visits has the wolf's head tattoo, but apparently Sara didn't know he had it. But if she'd seen his file, it would have included any body markings he'd had as a means of identification. He could have gotten the tattoo in prison, but even so Sara should have looked for it, since she thought he might be able to help her on this case.

  • Quotes

    • Sara: (to Bola) Honey, don't you see that you're feeding into it, feeding him? If Lupo loves hate, then he loves yours, too.

    • Ian: Evil is never benign.
      Sara: I guess that's why they call it evil.
      Ian: In some, evil is innate. They're born bad.
      Sara: Uh, what can you tell me...
      Ian: (interrupting) In others, evil is planted, cultivated and reaped. Sara, seek out the purveyors of hatred, for they bear the foulest fruit.

    • Convict: I hated you for putting me away. Still do. I thank you for that.
      Sara: Why?
      Convict: Because hate feels so good.

    • Convict: Ever kill out of anger, Detective?
      Sara: (flashing on shooting the woman who killed Conchobar) Once.
      Convict: Enjoy it?
      Sara: More than a little, yeah.

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