Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Jul 24, 2001 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • Lazar Sighting:
      Lazar was putting chairs up on tables at the restaurant where Jake and Dante were discussing the White Bulls.

    • Trivia: The Witchblade can form branches powerful enough to restrain the wielder, rendering them immobile.

    • Trivia: According to Dante, Jim Pezzini got hooked on a hooker and shot Dante's partner in a vice raid over the woman.

    • Trivia: It appears that Ian can see Danny, at least during the Periculum. Also, Danny can touch Sara, but only when she's dying.

    • Trivia: Wielders come along every thirty years. The wielders are the same person. Their lifetimes exist in the present. Both past and future are contained in the eternal present like a reel of motion picture film. Each frame is a lifetime, but all exist at once. If run in a projector of human consciousness, it creates the illusion of continuity. However, Elizabeth Bronte never learned to control time, but Cathain tells Sara she can get Conchobar back, implying that Sara will be able to master this power of the 'Blade.

    • Trivia: Jake uses Kenneth Irons as an alibi for Sara for the Irish Massacre, and Irons covers, but says that he will expect to have the favor repaid at a future time.

    • Trivia: The White Bulls are a group of policemen. Their totem or talisman is a bullet engraved with a black bull. They use those bullets when someone's obviously guilty and the system can't be trusted to administer justice. If one of their members sees a White Bulls casing, they walk away. Dante tells Jake that his admission into the White Bulls will concern Sara.

    • Trivia: Wielders undergo a test of worthiness called the Periculum. If they pass, they become one with the 'Blade. If they fail, they die. Past Bladewielders come forth to test the current wielder. Time is frozen at 11:11 during this trial. Storms occur during the Periculum. Once a wielder passes the Periculum, the Witchblade cannot be taken away without taking (killing; controlling) the wielder. When Ian asks whether they can take Sara, Irons tells him that Ian will be the first to know and looks at a computer generated DNA strand on a screen.

  • Quotes

    • Sara: (when the Periculum is over) I don't feel worthy. I haven't given any brilliant answers.
      Elizabeth Bronte: There are no brilliant answers to the riddles of the Periculum. Only true ones.

    • Danny: We can't touch anymore, Sara. You can see into my world, but you don't live here.

    • Elizabeth Bronte: Today, Sara Pezzini, you have become a true warrior. Walk forward in your truth. Trust the Witchblade and when it guides you, follow.

    • Elizabeth Bronte: I am not from your past, Sara, nor are you from my future. Both of our lifetimes exist right now.

    • Dante: We call ourselves the White Bulls.
      Jake: Why a bull?
      Dante: You know what the bull symbolizes?
      Jake: Power, masculinity, manure?

    • Irons: You never used to second guess my judgements. You were the perfect scout. Sharp, precise, directable.
      Ian: I am nothing but what you made me. Now I have the capacity to evolve. It's only because you gave it to me.
      Irons: Hollow words, Ian.

    • Jake: (when asked why he'd become a cop) I'm a neat freak. I wanna make my little corner of this whole insane world a little more orderly.
      Dante: I've heard worse reasons.
      Jake: What about you?
      Dante: Nothing else ever seem worth doing. This is a sacred trust... a brotherhood.

    • Ian: So I'm not the only one looking out for her. Watch her well.

    • Sara: ...Because death follows me.
      Cathain: No, Sara. You are the one who follows death. It was your life's work before you ever encountered the Lan, remember?
      Sara: But everyone whoever gets close to me dies.
      Cathain: You think of death as evil and evil as death. That is a falsehood.

    • Joan of Arc: (when Sara says the world has become insane) Insane. From the Latin unclean. You are the cleansing, Sara. You will make them pure.

    • Joan of Arc: A wielder's genesis is complex. She always arises when the dark forces reach a certain critical mass...

    • Joan of Arc: You were chosen by the Witchblade to wear it, to wield it, to serve it.

    • Sara: You're Joan of Arc, but you have my face.
      Joan of Arc: Your heart as well...and your soul.

    • Irons: What is your recommendation?
      Ian: I should watch her closely. The great test may be at hand.
      Irons: You are a good and faithful servant, Ian But...you know not your master.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sara: Yeah, I saw The Terminator, it made my head hurt.
      In The Terminator, the heroine Sarah Connor fought a cyborg who came back in time in order to prevent her from having a son who would one day become a resistance leader. In the sequel Terminator 2, Sarah and her son John try to change the future by destroying the R&D that would develop into the AI that would declare war on mankind.

    • In Latin, periculum means danger.