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  • love the show

    I love the witch it came back
  • It was quite awful.

    I think the best way to describe it is: as a television version of a religious person looking at a double rainbow while tripping balls on acid.

    It made little sense and they rarely actually closed plot lines.

    Pretty much all the characters had only the facade of development -for how many of the characters, was an actual reason given as why they did what they did or why they the way they were?

    They just jumped from one plot artifact/gimmick to another and they did it fast enough so most people didn't have enough time to think "wait, what hell just happened?" before the next 'profound and mystical' thing happened.

    It was all rather superficial and 'trippy'

    BTW: It was as much sci fi as was Charmed. . .the only way Witchblade could have been more of a mythological fantasy -was to have a Dwarf beat a Griffin to death with a +6 club and to then be eaten by the pet dragon of Lucifer.
  • This is one of the best SF series I've ever seen

    About the only one that might be better in my opinion is Farscape, but just by a little.

    The richness of story, character, music is awesome.

    But it doesn't need my complements because it can stand on its own just fine.

    Yancy Butler is excellent.
  • This was one of my favorite shows!

    I have been a fan of the comic book ever since it came out. I was ecstatic when the show came on TNT. Yancy Butler was not my first choice as Sara Pezzini, but she made it work. The suit of armor as the Witchblade, I had some issue with, but I can see how expensive it would be to make the one from the comic book. I loved the storylines and how season one and two were connected (I would say more but I do not want to have any spoilers in my review). Recently it was announced the TV show was finally coming to DVD. All I can say is it is about time! My VHS tapes can only take so much playing.
  • Was it Joan of Arc? Perhaps? This was the story of a woman's struggle against her demons, and an age old battle of good vs evil. It always helps to have a sword that can be worn on the wrist.

    I remember my reaction when I saw the two hour pilot episode, I was just amazed. I thought the story line was awesome, the actors very well cast, and I couldn't wait for the following segments. I enjoyed how the sword, called "the witchblade" intertwined the past and present, flashbacks of some greater figures of our history. I hadn't followed the comic book previously, but immediately ordered a subscription to learn more. The series premiered on TNT, and I contacted the local cable company (I lived in a very small town) who supplied me with two promotional posters. I have since had those framed. I was an avid viewer for the two seasons that the showed aired, and was very disappointed when Yancy Butler's alcohol addiction and declining health gave Witchblade a bleak future. The eventually cancellation was a very sad day at my house.
  • Very influential indeed!

    Witchbade made a great decision on bringing in very high-quality performers.Rodger Daltrey was an excellent addition to a balanced regular cast. In the series, the incoming characters would always come as a pleasant surprise. If I am correct, t.v. and commercials have used well- appreciated music to keep the viewers happy and glued to the show. The Who seems to bring action and energy to all venues of the media. I was glued all through each episode. There was never a dull moment. Then, all of a sudden'the Daltrey guest appearances made the suspense and surprises that much more outstanding. This must have taken great team efforts on the writers and casting to come up with such wonderful chemistry. When sometime like this occurs,other behind-the-scene crews catch on like trend followers.Witchblade was original and ,not only, started trends but lead them in direction.I hope the creative crews continue with other projects.Thanks for the memories!
  • WHY DID IT END??????? if u like it and want it on DVD check out review and click on the site to vote to put it on DVD

    This was an awesome show that should be brought back. It made you think. This was my favorite summer show.I love this show, the story line, the fighting.I had to watch it every time it come on. Even the reruns.It was great to watch it in the summer when all my other shows was over for the season. It give me something to look forward to watch on TV for the summer.And to add insult to injury that they cancel it, the people at TNT have not release a dvd set of this show. The least they could do was that for the fans. But really what does that say about TNT. You watch their shows, made them money. You fall in love with some of their shows,and then they cancel it on you.They can say thank you for watching our shows by puting all of them on DVD.They can at LESS put out a list to have people sign it and tell what shows they love and if it is not on DVD what shows would they love to have on DVD. This was a GREAT show it watch..click here to vote to put it on DVD http://tcmdb.com/title/title.jsp?stid=333900
  • This was an awesome show that should be brought back. It made you think, which is very rare for shows in this day and age.

    This was an awesome show that should be brought back. It made you think, which is very rare for shows in this day and age.

    It would be great even as a "Made for TV Movie".

    The show got me into the comic book! If you liked the show you should definitely check out the comics.