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  • WHY DID IT END??????? if u like it and want it on DVD check out review and click on the site to vote to put it on DVD

    This was an awesome show that should be brought back. It made you think. This was my favorite summer show.I love this show, the story line, the fighting.I had to watch it every time it come on. Even the reruns.It was great to watch it in the summer when all my other shows was over for the season. It give me something to look forward to watch on TV for the summer.And to add insult to injury that they cancel it, the people at TNT have not release a dvd set of this show. The least they could do was that for the fans. But really what does that say about TNT. You watch their shows, made them money. You fall in love with some of their shows,and then they cancel it on you.They can say thank you for watching our shows by puting all of them on DVD.They can at LESS put out a list to have people sign it and tell what shows they love and if it is not on DVD what shows would they love to have on DVD. This was a GREAT show it watch..click here to vote to put it on DVD http://tcmdb.com/title/title.jsp?stid=333900