Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Jul 03, 2001 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: The Witchblade was once part of Adolf Hitler's collection of objects of power. One of his own SS officers stole it to give to his mistress, Elizabeth Bronte.

    • Trivia: Cathain was a Bladewielder, like Joan of Arc, Elizabeth Bronte, and Sara.

    • Trivia: Someone hidden in the dark shoots and kills the druid. The bullet has a black bull engraved on it, like the one Sarah's father left to her.

    • Lazar Sighting:
      Lazar is seen outside the police station.

    • Goof: When Conchobar sings about Cathain he places the accent on the second syllable and says the "th" as a digraph (two consonants pronounced as a single hard "t" sound), but when he's talking to Sara about her he puts the accent on the first syllable and uses an aspirated "th" sound.

    • Nitpick: Gabriel tells Sara that an SS Lieutenant stole the Witchblade and gave it to Elizabeth Bronte. Later Gabriel calls the SS officer a Colonel. It's possible that Elizabeth began the liason when he was still a junior officer, and that he didn't give her the Witchblade until later, after he had been promoted.

  • Quotes

    • Irons: (calling Sara's cellphone) I have information you need.
      Sara: This is my private phone number.
      Irons: It pertains to your current case.
      Sara: I have fifty current cases.
      Irons: Ritual murder, mutilation, druidic sacrifice.
      Sara: A big international mogul like you must have better things to do than to watch my every move!
      Irons: Don't flatter yourself, Sara, I read about it in the Voice. How fast can you come over? (he hangs up)

    • Conchobar: I know you.
      Sara: Sara Pezzini. Now you know me.
      Conchobar: No, we've met. We'll figure out where.

    • Sara: (upon seeing the first body) Stabbed, it's more like, like it's staked!
      Jake: Through the heart. Vampires?

    • Dante: You saved a life.
      Sara: But not his.
      Dante: I'll make that trade any day of the year.

    • Conchobar: Consorting with cops...me ma would be so pleased.

    • Irons: (when Sara accuses him of removing the page that will tell her who will be killed next) Deface a priceless, one of a kind masterpiece? What kind of monster do you think I am?
      Sara: I'm working on it.

    • Conchobar: A man could have dreams about being arrested by you... the handcuffs... 'assume the position.'
      Sara: Do you flirt with every cop who arrests you?
      Conchobar: Do you flirt with every suspect?
      Sara: I'm not flirting.
      Conchobar: Fair enough. It isn't really flirting if you intend on following through, right? In that case, I'm not flirting either.

    • Conchobar: An ancient tale and a tragic one...like all things Irish.

    • Conchobar: (buying her a stout beer) Don't like beer?
      Sara: I don't like mud.

    • Gabriel: I have tickets, so dress down chief.
      Sara: Casual or skanky?
      Gabriel: Surprise me.

    • Sara: You're in heaven, Danny. I'm in New York. You try to get empathy in this town, you get your ass kicked.

  • Notes

    • Grant Lee Phillips of the band Grant Lee Buffalo, the singing voice of Conchobar, performs several songs written especially for Witchblade ("Cathain" and "Sara"), as well as several others ("Demon Called Deception" and "Honey Don't Think". The lyrics for "Cathain" were the only ones not written by Grant, but rather by series writer Rick Oki and composer Joel Goldsmith.

    • Featured Songs:
      "Saboteur" - Kid Gloves
      "Signs" - Five Man Electrical Band (when Sara asks Gabriel about the rune from the crime scene)
      "Demon Called Deception" - Grant Lee Buffalo (when Sara first sees Conchobar)
      "Cathain" - Grant Lee Phillips (when Conchobar sings the legend of Cathain for Sara)
      "Stuck In This Hell" - Black Toast
      "Bullet" - Fluke
      "Green Eyed Lady" - Sugarloaf
      "Honey Don't Think" - Grant Lee Buffalo (when Conchobar sings for Sara in the final scene)

  • Allusions

    • Celtic Runes:

      The runes left at the murder scenes become an important clue to the episode's mystery, and the Irish Celts did write using runes. But the runic alphabet, called ogham, was a series of lines running perpendicular, or slanted, over a transverse line, not a pictoral symbol such as the so-called "Conchobar" rune in this episode. The runes had a standard alphabet of twenty characters that were mostly associated with a type of flora, such as oaks, or heath. There were also a hundred or more secret runes not commonly used. Ogham was primarily used for inscriptions of names on monuments such as standing stones since the Druids didn't write down their teachings, but rather taught them by rote. It's possible that there was a secret rune created for a hero/king such as the legendary Conchobar, but none is now known.

    • Two times slain
      A number of corpses of sacrificed men have been unearthed from the bogs of Ireland, but they were three times slain! They were strangled by a garotte, stabbed, and drowned in the bog which would preserve them for archeologists to later find.

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