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Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Jul 01, 2002 on TNT
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Episode Summary

When a rock star meets his untimely demise, Sara and Danny are called in on a series of strange homicides. But when Sara discovers that the killer is using a trail of mayhem to lure her into a trap, her investigation turns into a fight for the Witchblade.moreless

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    Tamara Gorski

    Tamara Gorski

    Dr. Anna Granger/Adrienne

    Guest Star

    Gabrielle Ashby

    Gabrielle Ashby


    Guest Star

    Cormac Cleary

    Cormac Cleary

    Mac Tone

    Guest Star

    Kathryn Winslow

    Kathryn Winslow

    Vicki Po

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Trivia: Danny does not appear in this episode. Jake mentions that he is vacationing in Hawaii.

      • Trivia: The "character" Cyberfaust is introduced in this episode.

      • Trivia: At Mac Tone's wake you can see that some of the equipment boxes read "Cormac, son of Conchobar". This is a reference to Cormac Cond Longas, the son of the legendary King of Ulster Conchobar Mac Nessa, who is meant in turn to be connected to the mythology of the Witchblade as Cathain's lover.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Vicky: (referring to Ian) I think he's kind of cute. I like those swarthy guys.
        Sara: Yeah, swarthy, psychotic, bipolar hardbodies, what a treat.
        Vicky: Well, he's got that look, like he can just walk on water.
        Sara: Well, he can definitely walk through walls, because I have no idea how he got in here.

      • Vicky: (referring to Ian) Who's the pirate?
        Sara: Just some guy I know.
        Vicky: Yeah? What's he doing around here?
        Sara: Proselytizing.
        Vicky: Hey, big word!
        Sara: I know bigger ones.

      • Ian: (on the telephone) Hello, Sara.
        Sara: What a surprise. You get tired of lurking?
        Ian: I do prefer to commune with you in person. (Ian steps out from behind a pillar)
        Sara: Travelling at the speed of dark again?!

      • Sara: (while interrogating Dr Granger) Do you think that someone who hears voices is insane?
        Dr Granger: (smiling gleefully) That depends on the voices they're hearing.
        Whispering Voice: Sara! Sara! Sara!

      • Ian: Sara, the line between clarity and insanity is slender, transparent, and easy to cross.
        Sara: Spoken like someone who knows!

      • Jake: (after a prisoner grabs a cop's gun and shoots himself in the chest) What do you call that?!
        Sara: A bullseye.

    • NOTES (3)

      • The DVD release of this episode includes a mini featurette of Gabriel talking about the Witchblade. He says that when Sara handed it to him and he held it, he began having visions, and the connection that he always felt for Sara grew. He says that his consciousness has been expanded by the experience. Could this be a clue as to how Irons was able to possess him in the final episode "Ubique"?

      • For the first time, the Witchblade changes as Sara wears it from the gauntlet into something resembling a set of brass knuckles. This new form is much more reminiscent of the Witchblade's appearance as commonly seen in the comic book, since as drawn the Witchblade turns into tendrils wrapping all over Sara's body, which, incidentally, tends to shred her clothes, as well.

      • Songs Featured:
        "Long Ago (Audio Poetry)" - Aeone (at Mac Tone's wake)
        "Phobia" - Cormac Cleary (as Mac Tone performs)
        "Boss" - The Rumblers (during Gabriel's Talismaniac commercial)
        "From the Beginning" - Cormac Cleary (as Gabriel and Sara talk about the Witchblade)
        "Theme From a Summer Place" - The Ventures (while Sara and Jake go after Granger; televised version only)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Dr Granger: If you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.

        This actually is a paraphrase of a quote from psychologist and philosoper Friedrich Nietzsche, "When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."

      • When Sara tries to sell the Witchblade to Gabriel, she says that he couldn't wait to get it last time. The last time she refers to took place in the first season episode "Diplopia", which never occurred for Gabriel, since Sara reset time to save Danny.