Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Jul 31, 2001 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Dante and Orlinsky could be involved in Sly's murder. When Orlinsky sees Gabriel come into the station to talk to Sara about Sly's death, he immediately goes to talk to Dante. Orlinsky was also the officer who was in charge of the scene at Marcus' house where he died.

    • Trivia: Parsegian's buyer could've been Irons himself or an adversary.

    • Trivia: Irons knew Sylvester Marcus. Sly was a protege of his and won an annual design school scholarship Irons awards.

    • Trivia: Ian has super hearing? Jake goes to Dante's office and agrees to join the Bulls. Ian's in a holding cell somewhere in the precinct, but somehow knows about Jake's decision.

    • Trivia: Ian and Sara could be related. Ian has put Jake's engraved bullet into Jake's mouth and is ready to deal the final blow. Sara arrives and threatens him with the Witchblade gauntlet. Ian lets go of Jake and asks Sara if she would lift the 'Blade against her own flesh and blood? Also, Ian could be Irons' son, according to a CD taken from a briefcase found in Parsegian's limo.

    • Trivia: Look at all the lines and shadows on Irons' face. Irons is really starting to look his age, starting in this episode.

    • Nitpicks: Why did Jake have the White Bull bullet in the pocket of his warm-up suit, and how did Nottingham know it was there?

  • Quotes

    • Dante: So I'm assigning you two man teams, 12 hour shifts, round the clock surveillance.
      Jake: (muttering) So long, social life.
      Sara: (low to Jake) You have no social life.

    • Sara: (reading Irons' dossier) Subject is highly sexually active. Known partners include... Oh, no!
      Gabriel: Damn, Pez. This guy's your lover?

    • Sara: (seeing Nottingham sitting on her file cabinet at the station) What the hell?!
      Ian: Relax, Sara. I would do anything to please you.
      Sara: Then quit with the psycho vampire bullshit!

    • Jake: Last chance to answer my question.
      Ian: I'm sorry, can you repeat it please?
      Jake: (skeptically) Oh, you don't remember what I asked.
      Ian: I remember perfectly. I just want you to repeat it! I want to hear the sound of your hollow voice. Do you remember, Jake McCartey, what you're doing here? Now? In this police department? Do you remember who you really are?!

    • Ian: Gabriel's right. The death of Sylvester Marcus was no suicide. I know it for a fact.
      Sara: Seems to me there's only one way you could know that for a fact.
      Ian: Mr. Irons felt that life was imitating art a bit too closely. The comic that kid published, Parricide? I always liked that comic.

    • Ian: (when Sara threatens him) Sara! You wouldn't lift the 'Blade against your own flesh and blood would you?

    • Sara: Listen you crazy psycho Galahad. You wanna make me happy, let him go now.
      Ian: I'm committed to your partner's death. The only way to save his life is to end mine.

    • Sara: Nottingham! Why don't you pick a fair fight?
      Ian: I never met a worthy opponent until I met you.

    • Ian: How will you apologize for betraying your partner? For sentencing her to death?
      Jake: You talking about Sara?
      Ian: You don't even deserve to say her name.

    • Ian: Is your partner in?
      Sara: No, Nottingham. Why?
      Ian: I have a debt to repay.
      Sara: What kind of debt?
      Ian: (making a hand sign to show he means a duel) A debt of honor.

    • Ian: If you want to stay close to me, just ask Sara. We can be inseparable.
      Sara: Freak.

    • Dante: The test will come when it's time. You won't even see it coming. You may not even know it's come. But one day, I'll walk over to you and I'll say, 'Jake, you passed.'

    • Sara: Maybe a night in a cell will make you feel a little more communicative.
      Ian: For the promise of another tryst like this one, you can keep me here forever.

    • Ian: Dueling men resolutely accept their inevitable death.

    • Ian: Alone at last.
      Sara: You didn't have to kill someone to make that happen.

    • Jake: (referring to Nottingham) What's wrong with him?
      Sara: You got a week?

    • Sara: Maybe time is more like...like photos in an album. You know. Maybe each moment lasts forever and it's only our perception that streams them together. If that's the case, you can turn the page and be with your friend in any moment. Anytime you want.
      Gabriel: Have you been reading quantum physics for dummies?
      Sara: I can honestly tell you that I still share meaningful moments with my ex-partner even though he is dead.

    • Sara: Look. You just forget everything you've seen in here.
      Gabriel: Yeah. Sure. No problem. I'll just get a bulk eraser and hold it up to my head.

    • Vicky: You know it actually might be interesting to test that sniper's weapon you recovered. I was thinking we could round up a couple of cadavers from downstairs and see how many heads it would take to actually stop one of these projectiles.
      Dante: Ms. Po, please
      Vicky: Hey, it's professional curiosity.

    • Vicky: This is a Pezzini case, right?
      Dante: Yeah. Why?
      Vicky: The weird ones always are.

    • Sara: Gabriel, if you want someone to jerk you off, go down to Times Square. It'll cost you twenty bucks.

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  • Allusions

    • Thanatopsis

      The word Thanatopsis is Greek for "a meditation on death."

    • Gabriel: Have you been reading 'Quantum Physics for Dummies'?

      There is a series of books, each titled "[Specific Subject] for Dummies", for topics ranging from computer programming, to travel, to sudoku, to explain the particular topic in layman's terms for the uninitiated.