Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Aug 26, 2002 on TNT

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  • This episode royally sucked. It was the end to a dramatically annoying season. When I wanted another season of Witchblade, I wasn't expecting so I wasn't surprised when they didn't bring it back for another season.

    Things that killed me about this ep:

    1) Cyber-Irons? What the hell?
    2) Nottingham anal-sexing with some chick while Ariel is out elsewhere recovering? Say what?
    3) Gabriel as the messenger turns on Sara? Not feeling that. Major turmoil there.

    End of this season issues:
    1) Nottingham just wasn't as cool in this season.
    2) Jake, Danny and Gabriel was too much. It was better when Danny was a spirit. It almost seemed like too many men were competing for the weilder's attention to the point of insanity.