Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Aug 05, 2002 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • Lazar Sighting:
      Lazar is in the diner when Sara is talking to agent Arness.

    • Trivia: In return for her silence, her life, and that of Gabriel, Sara acknowledges that she owes the unknown Praetorians a favor in the future.

    • Nitpick: Agent Turell, an experienced spook goes to the trouble of pretending to be a workman to try to gain access to Gabriel's apartment, but he drives a black sedan instead of a workman's van?!

    • Trivia: We learn that Sara's middle name is Magdalene.

  • Quotes

    • Sara: Who the hell are you?
      John: (With a Massachusetts accent) Just a memory.
      Sara: Well, this is just a gun. How did you get in here?
      John: I was dreaming... of my life.
      Sara: Damn it, what is going on?
      John: Fear is stronger than reason, Sara. It is a hopeless emotion that wil always fail you. (Sara stands, pointing her gun at him, he continues to look out the window)
      Sara: Get down on the floor... and put your hands above your head.
      John: Look at how bright this world can be. Even with eyes closed, it's blinding.
      Sara: I could kill you.
      John: I am already dead, Sara.

    • John: What do you do, Sara... when you're not entertaining ghosts?
      Sara: I'm a cop.
      John: Why?
      Sara: Because I wanna help others. Because I hate bullies.
      John: The rights of all men are dimished when the rights of any man are denied.
      Sara: I agree.
      John: Thank you.
      Sara: Why thank me?
      John: Because, I, uh... I said that... There is an eloquence and valor to public service. To bearing the standard for the poor and the victimized. To assauge the incongruity in law and justice which persecute the less fortunate.

    • (After learning the Man's name is John)
      Sara: When did you live, John?
      John: I was born in 1917. Died in my 40's.
      Sara: What did you do?
      John: I was a, uh...politician.
      Sara: Hmm, sorry to hear that.
      John: Public service is nothing to be ashamed of. It meant something once, to be your brother's keeper, to take an interest in the welfare of others, to lend a hand.

    • John: You vote?
      Sara: Not...really.
      John: Why not?
      Sara: My vote doesn't matter.
      John: Tell that to those who are buried in the hallowed ground at Arlington. To those who were never found...
      Sara: I'm not the only one. I mean, no one believes that real change is possible anymore, that good triumphs over evil. Se we kind oflet the government just...be.
      John: Our forefathers believed that every citizen should have a voice. Now you're telling me that's no longer so. (John rubs his brow) That means they won.
      Sara: Uh, who?
      John: The ones who killed me.

    • John: The consequences of immoral silence, to ignore what we knew is true but are too afraid to admit, therein lies unatonable sin. The resurrection of courageous faith which was once this nation's seal lies in the hearts, minds, and actions of this country's youth. Of, for, and by the people. So you see, Sara, without you, and I mean your generation...nothing is possible. Without your spiritual requiem, I died in vain...a forgotten cinder buried among the ashes of history...along with all the others.

    • John: Believe...the noble in man will prevail. Believe...that you can help make it so.
      Sara: How did it all happen?
      John: Just as most things do...timing, bad luck, collusion among those who otherwise were sworn to protect us.
      Sara: Did you know?
      John: I must have.
      Sara: What do you miss most?
      John: Family. I miss my family.
      (Steps forward to reveal he is John F. Kennedy)

    • (Agent Turrell pulls out a gun)
      Sara: Is that a threat?
      Turrell: It's a visual aid.

    • Sara: Nottingham, I'm outgunned, I'm out numbered, and now I'm out of time. So please, stop trying to seduce me with bad news!
      Ian: Without hope, we live in desire.

    • Ian: You've not a long time to live, Sara.
      Sara: Why do you say that with a smile on your face?
      Ian: I can't help myself. There's more than a little of the erotic in death's arms, and more of a little of the same, in you.

    • Turell: Where is it?
      Tickner: Ha, I like it when you're scared.
      Turell: Your wife is going to die in her sleep tonight If I don't get that film. Save her. You're dead already.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sara: Live free, or die!

      This is a famous quote from Revolutionary War General John Stark, which was later made the motto of the state of New Hampshire.

    • Irons: (voice over for a commercial) Vorschlag- there can only be one!
      This is a reference to the sci-fi cult film Highlander which was later made into a TV series.

    • Turell: Let's go say goodnight to Irene.

      "Goodnight, Irene" is an American folk classic that hit number one on the charts for The Weavers in 1950.

    • Title

      Veritas is the Latin word for "truth".