Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Unknown May 10, 2006 on Tokyo Broadcasting System

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  • This episode brings the anticipated fight between the Witchblade and the Cloneblade. A lot of action is dished out and the Cloneblade's name is finally revealed.

    Slashes are heard in the distance as the fight erupts. The Witchblade gets slammed against a wall. As her enemy taunts her; the Witchblade charges and cuts through the Cloneblade's shoulder. Her enemy seems to enjoy it and reaches out to the Witchblade and begins to pull her close for a kiss. Just then the Witchblade unleashes a blade from her knee that she sinks on the Cloneblade. Blinded by fury she begins to slash at the Witchblade repeatedly. Tozawa is nearby snapping pictures of the action. The Witchblade is cornered and begins to take a beating until collapsing. As the Cloneblade is admiring her victory, a van appears out of nowhere and hits her. Two men get out and retrieve the unconscious Witchblade. As they get her in the van the driver steps on the gas and they leave the area. The Cloneblade infuriated pursues the van. Reina calls her by her real name, Shiori but she does not obey. Reina is concerned, she gets on her car and starts to follow Shiori. Tozawa is in pursuit of the action as well. As the two men in the back are treating the Witchblade's wound, the driver tells them that the Cloneblade is chasing them. They call for reinforcements. Segawa interrupts the meeting of Tanaka and Father. He informs Tanaka of the situation and both of them excuse themselves out. Segawa wonders if Father really has no knowledge of the fight that just took place. Tanaka reminds him that a conflict between the NSWF and Dohji should be avoided at all cost. As Segawa explains the route of escape, Tanaka decides to keep it as far as possible from Dohji. Segawa has Tanaka's yacht ready to go.

    The men in the van are informed of the situation when the Cloneblade catches up and begins to tear the roof of the van. One of the man shoots her but is of no use. The driver steps on the brakes and the Cloneblade is thrown off. There is a major congestion on the bridge. The van moves extremely slow bumping into some cars that are stuck in traffic. The men equip gas masks just as the Cloneblade spots the van from atop the bridge. She jumps towards the van and the men begin a countdown. When the Cloneblade reaches the van, it explodes releasing smoke gas. The men utilize a rope to get to Tanaka's yacht. As the Cloneblade is about to resume her chase; Reina restrains her and slaps some sense into her, calming her down. Tozawa only gets a glimpse of the yacht. Reina is not sure what is going on with Shiori, so she decides to run some tests on her. Shiori begins to act extremely psycho by licking her hand. A nurse is last seen in a dark hallway with somebody following her.

    Mariko wakes up a tired Tozawa that has been waiting for Masane's return to her apartment. As Riko and Cho arrive with breakfast prepared, Tozawa begins to question her about her mother whereabouts. Cho reminds Tozawa not to get too close to Riko and to remember the age gap between them. Coming from Cho is just hilarious. As Masane devours her breakfast meal; Tanaka and Segawa are impressed by her speedy recovery considering the beating she took. They had sailed for the whole night and are now heading for shore. Segawa tells Masane that is time to replace her bandages and Masane realizes that they must have seen her naked. She gets mad and throws a box at them. Among the items that fall on the floor is a picture of a young Tanaka and Reina.

    Reina is treating Shiori and wonders why her wounds are not healing up. The cleaning crew working outside the NWSF lab discovers the dead body of the nurse from the previous night. Reina does not understand how an X-Con could get so close to her and she was not able to detect him. Masane calls Riko to let her know that she will be home soon. Just then Tanaka arrives and they have a conversation about her actions. This is the first time Masane finds him attractive. Tozawa is off to search for more clues to support his story as Nahomi predicts bad fortune in his future.

    Reina is taking a look at Shiori's X-rays, when she notices that Shiori's Cloneblade seems to be disintegrating. During the fight with the Witchblade there were cracking noises emitting from the Cloneblade. Shiori observes her Cloneblade cracking. A nurse is seen entering her room and she begins to transform. When Masane returns to her room in the yacht, she spots the picture of Tanaka and Reina on the floor.

    A loud scream is heard. There are various people gathered in front of Shiori's room but nobody dares to enter. When Reina gets there, we see Shiori covered in blood.