Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Unknown Sep 13, 2006 on Tokyo Broadcasting System
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Masane spends quality time with Riko, Maria and Asagi head to take the Witchblade, and thousands of malfunctioning I-Weapons converge on Tokyo. Will this be the end of Tokyo?

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  • Masane spends her last moments with Riko. Cho and company learn Masane's dark secret. The iWeapons are approaching and Maria is on her way to battle the Witchblade.

    The captain of the ship is worried about the iWeapons coming online. The crew try to reassure him that everything is fine and that Dohji will inspect the weapon upon arrival.

    The police have an area secured and they spot Masane, which they think is an X-Con and try to stop her. They shoot at her and she destroys their patrol car. Her transformation affects the iWeapons on the ship and they start to move on their own.

    Tozawa tries to explain to Riko that everything will be ok but she isn't buying it. On the news, the reporter talks about the recent incident with the cops and the X-Con.

    Wadou is irate and tries to get some help from Nishida. She finally gets tired of his temper and tells him not to contact her anymore. Segawa tells Wadou about his board meeting and he once again looses his temper. He is extremely worried about his position in Dohji.

    Masane arrives home. Mariko and the rest of the gang are scared of her Witchblade form and them runaway. They go into Riko's room and tell Tozawa they must get away. That's when they realize once Masane transforms back to normal, the secret that Masane kept for so long. Riko welcomes her mother home and she collapses.

    Maria and her bodyguards are on their way to capture the Witchblade. Even though the power has decreased Maria can still pinpoint the Witchblade's location.

    As Masane rests, Riko decides to cook for her mother. Cho and company get emotional about the situation and they all start to cry. While Masane sleeps her Witchblade is still signaling her location.

    Wadou receives a phone call that informs him that the iWeapons have abandoned the ship and they are headed to Tokyo. He is desperate and tells Segawa to call Takayama and to offer him restitution if necessary. Segawa doesn't know where Takayama is but he noticed all communication with the special weapons lab has ceased.

    The iWeapons are fast approaching. Just as Takayama is getting some good news about the situation, Segawa and Wadou arrive to rain on their day. Wadou informs him that 3800 iWeapons are heading to the city and he needs help to cover this from the government. Takayama and his team are furious because the situation could've been avoided if Wadou had listened to their request to return the faulty iWeapons.

    Takayama tells Segawa to call the government and to issue an evacuation order from the invasion zone. Wadou thinks Segawa was spying on him. Takayama reassures him that is just part of Segawa's personality: to switch sides without remorse. Takayama tells Wadou there is nothing he can do to cover this up and Wadou has a nervous breakdown. Takayama orders his team to prepare for battle.

    Segawa tells Takayama that he has changed. The Takayama from before would thought of saving the company before anything else. That's when Takayama starts to remember the brief happy moments that he spent with Masane and Riko.

    Takayama finally gets through and speaks with Masane. He tells her that iWeapons are on the way and she is the target. She accepts her final orders and tells him not to worry. He gives her advice to avoid open areas and that this enemy has problems fighting where there are inclines on the ground. He tries hard to say goodbye but is unable. She tells him that her daughter is just like him when she sleeps.

    Tozawa informs her of the evacuation order. She knows about it but decides to have one last meal with her daughter. She grabs a bite but something is wrong.

    Takayama and his team leave the warehouse. They plot the plan of attack of the iWeapons and notice that they will invade in five different points. He decides to concentrate his forces in one entry point. Segawa is on the phone and denies any knowledge of any iWeapons being dispatched. He places all responsibility on Wadou.

    Cho and the gang get ready to leave but are waiting for Riko and Masane. Tozawa tells them that Masane can no longer taste food. Masane is having dinner with Riko and she is pretending the entire time to enjoy the meal.

    Takayama is at the airport awaiting the iWeapons arrival. Meanwhile Asagi feels the power from those units. Maria tells her that those weapons will be attracted to them as well and their orders are to eliminate them.

    Masane gives Riko some documents and her cell phone that has Takayama's number and in return Riko gives her a necklace. While they don't acknowledge it, they both know this is the last time they will be together. Masane leaves Riko with her friends and heads for the door. Everybody says their goodbyes and wish for her safe return but they all know there is a good chance she won't be back.

    Masane transforms ands heads to meet her enemy. The invasion begins and Takayama and team start to fire on the enemy.moreless

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