Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Unknown Sep 20, 2006 on Tokyo Broadcasting System
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It’s the finale to Witchblade, with Witchblade Masane vs. Dohji and Maria. Rihoko, watching the mother's battle through TV live news, cannot help but rush out to where Masane is.

Will Maria get what she wants? Will Masane be able to protect her daughter? Will the Witchblade get what it wants?moreless

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  • Such a sad lost for this series.

    I'm a little dissapointed how the series ended. I was hoping for Masane and Tazowa would have sex but didn't. Everyone had an ending to be seen at the end of this show. I feel bad for Asagi how she was picked and than killed by Maria that she didn't do any fighting againest Masane, she was only in three episodes, I mean what's up with that? Masane dies in the end of the series and there's nothing left of her and the only thing Rihoko could say in the end was "Mom" and the show ended. They have to show the first opening for this final episode for no good reason. They should have made 25 episodes fill the whole story and for Masane to surevie. It is unsure what happens to everyone atherwards or what's going to happen now, but one thing clear is this series has a sad ending just like Blood+ and who knows if we see the daughters grow up in the future and that they will get there own shows. So here's an update: Masane dies, Saya falls asleep for the next 30 years, and who knows what happen to Renton and Eureka. I hope the next anime series that I will watch will be good.moreless
  • The last battle to obtain the Witchblade begins as iWeapons and Maria make their way towards Masane. The dirty secrets about Dohji and the NWSF are finally revealed to the public.moreless

    Masane approaches her enemies in slow motion and comes to complete stop and unleashes her blade.

    Chaos has struck Tokyo, as its occupants try to seek refuge. Destroyed cars and smoke can be seen everywhere. A person is complaining that all of it could be a false alarm when an iWeapon appears and runs over the front of another car.

    Tozawa, Riko and friends make their way to a shelter, when Detective Tanaka tells them to turn around as one of the monsters has been spotted nearby. Tozawa is disgusted by how the media and everybody are referring about Masane. He leaves Riko in Mariko's care.

    iWeapons run through the city and Masane starts to destroy them, jumping on them and slashing them in half. Maria senses that Masane is nearby and orders her sisters to fight any iWeapons that get on the way.

    Nishida discovers that Maria and the others are gone, she orders her assistant to prepare her equipment. She plans to get a close look at the battle and continue her research.

    Cho and the rest are at the shelter watching the events on live tv. Masane is nearly hit by one of the iWeapons and the blast sends her crashing to the streets. As she gets up, she powers ups, her body turns red and she unleashes her two blades. She grabs one of the iWeapons by the turret and sends it flying crashing into others. She dashes through a line of enemies and they get cut and blown to bits.

    As Maria observes the explosion and gives orders to get there quickly. She gets another dose of insubordination from Asagi; who asks her what she intends to do once she gets the Witchblade. Maria is confused. Aoi tells Asagi not to be rude and they make their way to the Witchblade. Asagi's words still echo in Maria's mind.

    Tozawa visits his newspaper friend in order to reveal all of the information he has gathered. Masane continues to destroy iWeapons and the media is all over it. When Mariko returns from the restroom, the gang realizes that Riko is missing. They try to look for her but are stopped by the police. Riko makes her way through the streets.

    Takayama is given a report that almost his entire arsenal is destroyed. He has less than 60 and there is 800 more iWeapons approaching. He decides to self destruct his weapons as the enemy arrives.

    Masane destroys more enemies and gets a chance to look at Tokyo tower; just then Maria and company find her. Masane tries to get a way but they continue to follow; she changes direction and heads for Maria and both crash. They create a shockwave of energy that is felt in the ground. Nishida orders her driver to stop so she can get readings.

    Riko realizes she has Takayama cell number and decides to call him. Takayama receives another report that all of the weapons have self destructed and that the enemy numbers were reduced to 500. Just then she gets a call from Riko. She is asking where her mother is. He hears explosions on the background and looses signal. He leaves his friends behind and goes to look for Riko.

    Another collision in mid air and this time Masane is sent crashing to the ground. Maria gets cocky and starts to taunt her. Masane gets up and rushes Maria and cuts her. She begins to bleed from her head. Aoi looses her cool and starts to try to slash Masane. She blocks Aoi attacks. She waits for the perfect moment and uses her knee blades and impales Aoi.

    Maria shows a hint of emotion when her best friend is killed. She sheds a tear for her friend but that quickly turns into anger as Asagi continues to criticize her. Maria is fed up and she kills Asagi by using her trident/blade; piercing her head, heart and neck. Masane decides to destroy both of her enemies by luring them to Tokyo tower.

    Riko is being stalked by a couple of iWeapons. As Maria and Masane reach the tower, the iWeapons begin to make their way there as well. Riko is about to be shot, she cries for her mother. Masane senses something is wrong and unleashes one last power surge in order to draw the remaining enemies to the tower. The iWeapons stop the attack on Riko and head for the tower. Nishida is taking some readings when she gets run over by an iWeapon and her van explodes. Maria doesn't understand Masane's actions but continues to attack her. Riko realizes that her mother is at Tokyo tower.

    As Maria and Masane continue to fight, the media releases the information gathered by Tozawa. That Dohji has been using dead humans to produce their weapons and the masquerade by Father to produce his perfect human through technology and close family breeding. The media credits the source to the very demented Wadou.

    Masane is almost ready to fall from the tower holding off Maria attacks. Maria hesitates, as she sees Reina; giving Masane the chance to cut her with her blade. As Masane holds Maria she begins to cry for her mother and then disintegrates. Masane sees all of the iWeapons gathered at the tower and she powers up one last time in order to eliminate all of them. A radiant light shines through the night; Riko and Takayama observe, as she sacrifices herself for the well being of her daughter.

    At dawn, snow flakes begin to fall and Riko opens her hand to catch one and then it transforms into half of the shell she had given to her mother.moreless

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