Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2006 on Tokyo Broadcasting System
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The appearance of the Witchblade draws the attention of Furumizu, the leader of the NSWF organisation. Meanwhile, Masane and her daughter start looking for a place to live.

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  • Masane and daughter are searching for a new home, three key characters are introduced, we learn the name of the mysterious lady from the last episode and there seems to be more than one Witchblade.moreless

    Segawa takes Riko and Masane to a hotel. They will be spending some time there until the company finds them a suitable home. Masane receives payment for her disposal of the X-Con; she isn't to thrill that the company has sent Segawa to keep an eye on her. Riko and Masane call room service for some well deserved food. They talk about the things to do once they get their own place. Riko suggests the place that Mariko runs.

    Tanaka and the mysterious lady are having a conversation about the Witchblade. He tries to deceive her about the Witchblade's location. The woman explains that Tanaka and his company need them in order to control the Witchblade. During the conversation, we learn that she works for the NSWF. As Tanaka contemplates his scar, he suggests that the NSWF was and still is after the Witchblade. He let us know of the name of the mysterious lady, Reina.

    Another character is introduced as she is having a conversation with Reina. They talk about how Tanaka is able to see through her motives and doesn't accept their help. Reina is conviced that Dohji has found the Witchblade. Both of them appear to have a Witchblade equipped as well.

    Masane and Riko head to Marry's Gallery to meet up with Mariko. When they get there Cho Satou is introduced. Keep an eye for this old geezer, as he is one perverted individual that brings much needed laughs to the series. He is excited to meet Riko but even more when he meets her mother. Masane tries to talk to Nahomi but she shies away. Masane asks if there any rooms available for rent. Cho lets her know that one room seems to be vacant.

    Tozawa is staking out the NSWF headquarters, as he plans to infiltrate the facility. Reina talks with Father about the Witchblade and how her sisters (she refers to the murder victims as sisters) have all been killed by X-Cons. Father is disappointed in how easily the sisters have been killed by those machines. He assigns Reina to retrieve the Witchblade from Dohji and to destroy any X-Cons left. He also tells her not to repeat the same mistake from six years ago.

    Mariko finally arrives and decides not to rent the room to Masane. They begin to argue and trash the place; Masane gets thrown out. Later on Mariko breaks the news to Cho, they have a year left to live in that building. The building will be destroyed to make room a for city project.

    An X-Con tries to capture another victim but fails. She is ambushed by two more and gets killed. Later on, detective Nakata is investigating the crime scene, frustrated, he tries to arrest Tozawa for being a smart ass.

    As somebody is about to conduct an autopsy on the victim, Reina tells her not to bother, as she already knows the reason and the culprit. We see the three Excons responsible for the crime sitting together.

    Riko is looking at apartments ads when Masane gets a call to attend a meeting. She is off to meet with Segawa. He gives her information about the new target and gives her a cell phone so that the company can keep in touch with her. Masane gets back to the apartment but Riko is gone. She figures that Riko is probably going to Mariko's place.

    Riko arrives at Marry's Gallery and Cho is extremely happy to see her. Masane arrives but Riko wants to try one last time to rent the room from Mariko. Mariko informs them that the appartment is taken by some company. Riko can't believe it and tries to get Mariko to change her decision but she won't budge.

    In a surprise move, Riko lets Mariko know that the company to which she has agreed to rent the room, is her mother's company. A contract is signed and they get to stay. Cho is extremely happy as well as Nahomi.

    Reina and her assistant are walking around a park, where they run into the X-Cons. Masane's cell phone rings and Segawa drives her to the location. She feels the urge to fight. As she arrives, Reina's assistant has transformed into what seems to be another Witchblade. The last enemy charges but she destroys him with one swift slash. She rejoins Reina, who has also transformed into a Witchblade. Masane confuses them with X-Cons; an insult that Reina's assistant can't forgive.moreless

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