Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown May 03, 2006 on Tokyo Broadcasting System
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Tozawa tries to investigate Masane, in order to find out the truth about the Witchblade. Masane refuses to talk, and is challanged to a fight by Shiori, one of the Cloneblades.

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  • This is an excellent episode that brings us a major twist in the story, more new characters, much needed information about the Witchblade's enemies and more battles. You can't miss it!moreless

    Reina and her assistant finally meet Masane, the true Witchblade and are disappointed about how inferior her power is. Reina tells her assistant to leave the scene, as there will be another time to fight the Witchblade. During the morning Masane meets with Tanaka and Segawa. They go into details as to what the NSWF is really about. Six years ago both the NSWF and Dohji worked together and they developed the Cloneblade, a weapon similar to the Witchblade. Segawa goes on to explain that the two women Masane encountered were created by the NSWF. They were humans taken from the Neogene (species created by biotechnology) and are highly suitable individuals to equip the Cloneblade. The most superior is Reina but Segawa does not have any information about the second one. Segawa explains that since iWeapons and Excons want to fight powerful enemies, Neogenes are more likely to get attacked by them; same reason why the Withcblade wants to attack. He also tells that NSWF runs the Child Welfare Agency as a front to find suitable candidates to be used for Neogene experiments. Masane gets into a funny argument with Tanaka regarding her fees for her work and his receding hairline gets made fun of. She bargains without even know the amount she is dealing with. Tanaka contemplates his hair situation when he gets reminded to attend a meeting. In which for a brief moment we see a newly introduced character. As Mariko is showing Riko and Masane their new apartment, Cho shows up with a gift and the perfect excuse to invite them to a public bath house. Masane and Riko agree to go the bath house where Cho schemes to get a glimpse of the ladies. On the elevator ride, we meet the other new character: Michael, a very large individual, who barely says a word. Nahomi gets on the elevator too and to our surprise Cho knows exactly when she goes to the bath house. Chow wonders about Tozawa, who is sitting in jail. Cho's plan to get a peek is shot down as the attendant of the bath house brings him back to reality. A spy reports to Reina about Masane's location and her daughter. Another sister gets killed by a new type of Excon. It resembles an arachnid; he shoots some type of liquid that solidifies his victims as he proceeds to crush them. Tozawa finally meets Riko's mother. Another funny conversation takes place. This time Masane's name is the joke. Tozawa calls her Masamune. Which translates to Masa = Undefeatable and mune = Breast. He begins to question Masane regarding the prison's attack of episode one. Masane makes a quick escape and she goes shopping with Riko. Masane tries to get some toys for Riko but she is more interested in cooking utensils. Tozawa approaches Masane once again regarding the prison event. This time he shows her the photo he took but Masane tries to deceive him. Tozawa knows she is hiding something. The Excon appears again. Every attack is getting more dangerous and this time in total disregard, he attacks during daylight on a busy highway. Father talks to Reina. She informs him that the bearer of the Witchblade is a disappointment. He orders her to get the Witchblade. Father makes a point to attend a party, which Tanaka has been forcibly invited to attend. As Masane is on her way to locate the Excon, Tozawa follows her. Tanaka and Father finally meet face to face. They talk about how it was Reina the one who had the Witchblade and then she made it disappeared. It is revealed that both the Cloneblade and iWeapon were created because of their companies' collaboration. Father also denotes that the Witchblade had chosen Reina first to be the bearer. Father accuses Tanaka of releasing the Excons in fear of Reina's actions. Masane arrives at the location and the battle begins. The Excon shoots his liquid but misses and the Witchblade begins to chase it. Finally the Witchblade gets a quick strike and the Excon is defeated. Reina and her assistant are back and this time there will be a fight. Reina's assistant is anxious to fight as she transforms and begins to attack the Witchblade. They charge each other and begin to swordfight. Masane gets slashed giving Tozawa the opportunity for a close up with his camera. He can't believe that the Witchblade is Masane.moreless

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