Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Aug 16, 2006 on Tokyo Broadcasting System
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Maria takes over the NSWF, meanwhile Masane sets up Takayama and Rihoko to go on a date, but Takayama is a bundle of nerves and Riko can’t enjoy herself. It looks like Masane will have to join in after all. This incident makes Masane wield the Witchblade in front of her daughter.moreless

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  • On this episode, Takayama gets to play dad and his inability to understand children really shows. Riko also learns something new about her mother.

    Maria seems to be enjoying her hostile take over. She places surveillance on her managers as a precaution till everything is finalized with the transfer of power. She also wants all of the first generation sisters to be terminated. Dr. Nishida arrives and informs Maria that Father's death is officially being blamed on an explosion. She still impressed about the determination Maria has shown but she doesn't trust; she knows if she messes up, she will be destroyed just as easily. Maria reveals that the NSWF means nothing to her and that she wants more power.

    Nishida is in her office when Wadou calls her to let her know to check her e-mail. Their Ultimate blade has been defeated with one blow by the Witchblade. Nishida cannot believe it but she tells Wadou that they must capture even if it means using resources from Dohji.

    Masane and Takayama make their way to the city. He can tell that not everything is alright with Masane but she is not revealing anything. She quickly changes the subject and asks Takayama if he has decided to let Riko know about him. He tells her that he has made his decision and that he will try his best.

    At Marry's Gallery, Masane and Riko are discussing their plans with Takayama. The heartbroken Cho and Tozawa heal their wounds with some alcohol. Tozawa still denies having any feelings for Masane but Nahomi lets us know otherwise.

    In the morning, Takayama gets a surprise when Riko gets delivered to him with a note from Masane. He has to spend the day with Riko without Masane being involved. He takes Riko on his yacht and she seems extremely happy; Takayama is not that friendly. He takes her shopping but Riko gets the vibe he is mad since he is not saying much. They go to the zoo and watch the animals play. They go out to eat and afterwards Takayama asks if everything is ok since she didn't finish her meal. Riko thinks he is mad since he doesn't say much. A very frustrated Takayama tells her that he is not that good with children but is nothing against her, he is just nervous. Riko is relieved and tells him to smile more.

    Tayama notices that someone is watching them. He catches the individual and is Masane. She explains that she just wanted them to bond and she didn't want to interfere. Afterwards they go fishing and they all seem to have a good time. They have some dinner and Masane is relieved by how well things are going.

    On her way home they talk about his first day with his daughter. Out of the blue Masane gets a warning. Apparently an X-Con is awaiting their approach. The X-Con lands on top of the car and a very scared Riko wakes up. Masane tries to shoot it away but the bullets are not doing anything. The enemy tears the roof off and grabs Masane by one arm and tries to rip the Witchblade off. Masane is not willing to transform in front of her child so the Witchblade starts to go for Riko. Masane grabs it and tells it that she can still fight and to leave her daughter alone. She transforms and jumps taking the X-Con with her. In the middle of the air, she punches her enemy so strong that the X-Con is left with a hole on his torso. He collapses on the middle of the highway.

    She lands on the ground and her extreme power has been detected by Maria. Maria doesn't know where is coming from but she swears she will gain that immense power. Masane cuts the X-Con in half. Nishida is far way conducting surveillance and she is impressed with the tremendous power she has seen.

    Riko calls for her mother and Masane doesn't understand why Riko is not afraid of her Witchblade form. She tells her that she still her mother no matter what; they hug each other. Masane tells Takayama to take care of Riko and she collapses. A very frightened Riko calls for her…moreless

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