Witches of East End

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2013 on Lifetime
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Freya is about to get engaged to Dash, but keep dreaming about a mysterious guy. When she finally meet this guy, she learns that it is the brother of Dash. They have a uncontrolled actraction to each other. In the meantime, Freya is trying to convince her sister Ingrid that she has powers. She can read Aura's and dreams come true. Ingrid doesn't believe that she has powers, even Ingrid has studied witchcraft. Till a evil entity is starting to attack them. their mother Joanna get's arrested because of it and Freya is captured in a picture. Before Joanna is taken away by the cops, she tells her daughter Ingrid that they are witches with powers and that Ingrid is the only one, who can save her sister.


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  • Killian is NO Damon!

    Interesting show. The only thing that spoils it for me is right from the very start we have a Vampire Diaries rip off with the whole brotherly Stephan/Damon/Elena love triangle recreated to the letter for Dash/Freya/Killlian. (Although Killian is a sort of a bargain bin, cut price version of Ian Sommerhalder) At least with the Vampire Diaries you can see Elenas dilema, with Killian you have to question her opticians qualifications.

  • silly spoof

    Maybe I was expecting too much but this was subpar. The pilot was just an rollercoaster ride of hysteria, with Freya in the front seat. The pilot feels just too forced and exaggerated to be enticing, a little bit of subtilty goes a long way. That being said it was not all bad, the future mother in law was a delightful snark, there's more to that I'm sure. The flashbacks showing the effects of the imortality curse were compelling and the story behind it all should be interesting. Also there are these little moments of wittines that are just too good to write off. I won't turn my back on the show in spite of the pilot because there is hope for improvement.moreless
  • Not Again

    So not impressed, the whole don't tell the characters about their true identity to protect them thing has been so over done and it ALWAYS backfires. I will give the 2nd episode a shot but if everyone isn't over the tired "I just want to be normal" crap after that I don't think I'll be able to stomach it.
  • noir charmed

    wow this is a great show. sure i recognize the elements from my past with charmed HOWEVER before anyone can get insulted this show does EVERYTHING charmed didn't it shows that for spells there are consequences and even though the mother has piperitis (desperately wants a normal life away from magic)to a certain extent it won't last long being bombarded by all the magical stuff in her life and EVEN BETTER the family has all the trappings of being TRUE witches not just TV witches. The portrayal is much closer to real life wicca. the dark forces at work seem MUCH more subtle and plan better rather than head on attacks. how many different types of dark forces will there be? this shifter is just the beginning i believe and IF WE ARE LUCKY it won't sink into demon of the week ever. let me end this by saying this while i believe this is a great show and will have quite a few seasons this DOES NOT MEAN I DISLIKE CHARMED IN ANY WAY AT ALL I still watch the i have basically said here to boil it down is that this show is different and much closer to reality and that is good.moreless
  • The show was awesome!!!

    The show was awesome!!!

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    • The pink home of Beauchamp is very close to the Pink Halliwell Manor in The WB show "Charmed". Some minor changes has been made to the outside and the kitchen area. The location of the kitchen window and sink, basement door and the upper hallway Wood Panel walls are close enough to give a Charmed fan a feeling of deja vu.

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