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  • WE NEED A COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I recently discovered this hidden gem and I love it!!! I decided to see if anyone had reviewed the past episodes but found that it didn't even have a community!!! I would like to do a quick review/recap of each episode so that the people who watch can all have a place to talk about the episode together.

  • This is the best show ever !!! You just gotta love this.

    Awesome! I just started watching this show. And I watched most of the episodes on netflix.

    I have injoy every minute of this show. I Cannot wait to watch season 2.

    plus whats crazy about this show is i know every single actor and actress in this show from all other moves/shows!! crazy love all this!! 69002
  • Not the best show out there...

    But I can't stop watching it!! I has something, I can't put my finger on it, but I love it. The only thing that bugs me is Ingrid, but I hope her character will grow.

    Thumbs up from me!
  • What do you mean Cancelled!!!!! It's back with a vengeance!!!! ^^

    Absolutely love that it's back eventhough for some reason it said it was cancelled. Thank you thank you, I loved the first season and what I have seen from the second... it's even more awesome. The only hick up I have about it is that the world they came from is called "Asgard"... I mean... they could have been more original about that part. But otherwise I love the characters, the storyline... everything about it <3
  • New season

    Season 2 returns July 6th, 2014
  • watch witch

    i liked it a it should be what a witch film should be...
  • I sense there was a little tagged on when they got reupped

    I hope that didn't sound negative, I loved it (I had been wondering for about three episodes why Ingrid never had Mike meet any family members, if they had to reshoot that story, it kind of makes sense and the boys are a pleasant add on, including Victor). I doubt Killian is actually dead, which is what I heard from some other sources. I mean, it seems important that Dash, the actual doctor, didn't at least check his pulse. I also imagine the person coming through the portal is entirely depending on contract status. The guy who plays Archibald also plays Scott's father on Teen Wolf and he might be annoying, but I sense he wouldn't get killed off from there. If he can't fulfill that commitment, I would guess the mysterious son of Joanna and, I assume, Victor comes through.
  • Halliwell Manor

    Anyone notice a resemblance to it? The house that the Beauchamps live in is VERY close. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Grown-up Witches

    Fabulous. I love the concept of The Witches of East End. Finally, some real women who are able to control their powers (for the most part). And the apprentice witches aren't annoyingly young and nobody is in Highschool. Love Julia and Madchen as estranged sisters and powerful witches with a curse hanging above their heads. I'm not so much into love triangles but the one between Dash, Freya and Killian is kind of entertaining. I've watched six episodes now and feel very relieved, that the series has been renewed for a second season. YAY! :)
  • Aunt Wendy

    Aunt Wendy hooked the show for me! Love this woman!

  • Too Soapy and Over theTop For Me

    I was intrigued by the first episode. The young sisters would be exploring their powers. There is a very real possibility of emotional and sexual betrayal in the Dash, Freya, Killian triangle. A snooty future mother-in-law, a murderous shape shifter, and secrets in a small town with a dark past. Could have been good, but it's just too soapy! In the first episode the actor Tom Lenk (Andrew from BtVS) plays a friend of Ingrid, but I don't think he's been on since. So long Witches.
  • Witches, Shapeshifters WHAT

    I really liked this show starting out, it had some decent originality and kept you interested enough to watch the next episode. But 'Snake Eyes' was so ridiculous it was almost laughable. The witches are now intergalactic travelers who originate from Asgard? Is Thor, God of Thunder their father? Yeesh. I may give the series one more episode but I was really disappointed in the jump from fantasy/horror to sci-fi.
  • On the fence but tipping towards "Done Watching"

    I've given the show up till now (November 22, 2013) to prove itself and it started out with potential but seems to have slipped into what I hope is a temporary plot base of --- chase, run, chase, run, chase, run ---- which is just a girl's version of the mens --- shoot em up, bang, bang --- that I find mind-numbingly boring. So I'll give it a couple more episodes to see if it is going to crawl out of this unimaginative, boring "plot pit" and start showing the ladies actually using their abilities to HELP PEOPLE and make things better in their town instead of just - chase, run, chase, run, chase, run.

    If it doesn't veer off in the direction of --- witches using their powers to accomplish something constructive and good in their lives --- I'll find better things to spend my time doing.

    That said, if you like the -- chase, run -- shows, this is a good one. It's good as far as it goes, it just doesn't go very far and I'm getting tired of the same old circular ride.
  • News on this show?

    Is there news about this show being renewed or cancelled? I love this show since it started! :)
  • Not bad, not bad indeed.

    I feel like there were simply too many new shows this season and many should definitely get cancelled, but not Witches of East End. It's not the best show out there but it has so much room for improvement and even though it may come of as light and cheesy, after 6 episodes it got me hooked. Kudos on special effects too!
  • Great show!

    I didn't think I was going to like this show at first, but I tuned in anyways and got hooked! The one downfall is Ingrid, for some reason i just can't get on board with her character, I find her rather annoying. She's supposed to be this powerful, smart witch and all I've seen her do is make really stupid, rash mistakes. Also after watching last nights episode I'm rooting for Freya and Killian (just sayin')
  • You may be frustrated if you read books

    I do enjoy this show but have had to put aside that I've read the books and find it SO different. Ingrid just annoys me & they killed Adam! I do like some of the different twists so will keep watching to see how it develops but please can Ingrid grow up & stop being such a sap!
  • Surprisingly Good

    I really enjoy the dynamic between all the women of the family. Freya's torn between Dash and Killian but remains faithful to Dash is a nice twist for tv because the woman doesn't cheat. The villains all seem to have a legit reason to hate the family and this week's episode made me want to watch the whole season just to see how it plays out.
  • Killian is NO Damon!!

    Interesting show. The only thing that spoils it for me is right from the very start we have a Vampire Diaries rip off with the whole brotherly Stephan/Damon/Elena love triangle recreated to the letter for Dash/Freya/Killlian. (Although Killian is a sort of a bargain bin, cut price version of Ian Sommerhalder) At least with the Vampire Diaries you can see Elenas dilema, with Killian you have to question her opticians qualifications.
  • I Can't Believe i Like A Lifetime Show

    I didn't know this show existed until I was flipping through the channels and saw a couple of smokin' hot MILFs with black hair. I started to watch and then caught the pilot from the beginning later on. I have since watched the first four episodes and now I'm hooked. It's not cartoonish like Charmed or Buffy. Instead it has more of a feel like Grimm or Sleepy Hollow. My favorite character is Mdchen Amick as aunt Wendy.
  • Entertaining

    This show has a lot of potential, there are some obvious flaws that need to be fixed up, but looking strong so far.
  • Love it!

    This is fun and entertaining! I hope they let us keep it for a while.
  • Good start

    I like this show already. I enjoyed the believable chemistry between the characters. Love the sisters but will need some time to take to the mum
  • Entertaining

    I liked it! Waiting to see when Ep 02 will fly?
  • Could be good

    I will give it the 3 episode test. Acting is okay, and the story line is intriguing. I need to know the backstory on the curse to understand this better. It was not easy to follow the storyline sometimes. It was a little too chaotic. I think that they threw too much into one episode and made it dificult to follow. Anyway, I will give it 3 episodes to see if it starts to make more sense. It does have some star appeal and pretty people.
  • Silly spoof

    Maybe I was expecting too much but this was subpar. The pilot was just an rollercoaster ride of hysteria, with Freya in the front seat.

    The pilot feels just too forced and exaggerated to be enticing, a little bit of subtilty goes a long way.

    That being said it was not all bad, the future mother in law was a delightful snark, there's more to that I'm sure.

    The flashbacks showing the effects of the imortality curse were compelling and the story behind it all should be interesting.

    Also there are these little moments of wittines that are just too good to write off.

    I won't turn my back on the show in spite of the pilot because there is hope for improvement.
  • May Be Adictive!!

    It has a little Bewitched feel to it, with some new effects. Looking forward for the second ep. Good lead actrisses.
  • Entertaining

    Well, some of the acting is not the best but this show has the feel of a soapy romance novel and I like it so far. After watching the pilot, I am definitely looking forward to future episodes.
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