Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 2

22 x 42

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 2008 on CBS

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  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Without a Trace, the following happens. The missing woman in this episode's name is Sara; she has gone missing after leaving a party and heading to a friend's house to get a spare key for her apartment. The team find an abandoned taxi cab and reports claim that she was taken from the cab and put into a van. The cab was reported missing the previous evening. We see Sara being held by two masked men. One of them says something to her she has a flashback to 2 men in a bar who she refused drinks off of. She now realises that they are the ones who have kidnapped her. The team find out where her father is and we learn that he was in deep trouble with some bad guys and needed $90,000 to get them off of his back. Luckily, Sara manages to escape. She runs and bums into a man with a truck. He offers to help her but they turn up and take her back after knocking out the other man. Sara manages to get hold of the other mans cell phone and the team trace the signal. They head there and manage to find them, with Sara before they have had a chance to kill her. They rescue her and save the day. At the end of the episode we see am going home and spending some time with baby Finn. We then see Jack watching her with the baby on the Nanny Cam, which she has had installed.
  • Same old same old

    I've been watching Without a trace since the very first episode and I have to say that it's really getting boring.

    Every episode we can see the same shots of buildings, the investigations are more or less the same and the characters are completely blank.

    Are Dany and Elena still dating? We have no idea. What's going on in Martin's life? Absolutely no clue. Sure it's a cop show but it's always nice to learn more about our heroes.

    In Without a trace it looks like there is no one that matters but Jack.
    In this episode we are once again confronted with Jack and his work problems. We have already seen this one. He might have been kicked out at least 3 times but he always survives.
    It's time for the writers to move on and to focuse on the other characters. It's a team after all.

    If such episodes are proposed I'm not sure I'll keep watching for long.
  • The team searches for an up and coming executive who was kidnapped after attending a work social function. Meanwhile, Agent Carl Medina secretly works to get Jack out and set up the unit the way he likes it to be. Sam's newborn son is also seen.

    I did like this episode, but there have been better ones. As always it's always fun to see how the team cracks a case. I don't think that having the scenes of the woman being held by her captives was a great idea. It wasn't a terrible one, but I don't think it was necessary. Also, I am beginning to really dislike Agent Medina and his attempts to get Jack to leave. The show is about the missing person cases, it's not "Dallas." Plus, I don't think Steven Weber is right for this show. Maybe he should return to "Wings."
  • Anothe Jack dilema. Oh, there was a case too.

    This episode was poorly put together. There was definite potential but as with last season, the case that the team is working on is overshadowed by Jack's latest trauma. Frankly, if Jack worked for me, I'd have handed him his walking papers a long time ago.
    Writing Poppy's Montgomery's pregnancy into the show, was a bad move, because unless there's some clever writing soon, the show has offiically jumped the shark. I'm showing my age here but does anyone else remember when Susan Saint James's pregnancy was written into McMillan and wife? That was the death bell for that show. This show will not survive the actor's strike because no one will miss it.
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