Without a Trace

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2005 on CBS

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  • Not the best writing

    I am not sure. I liked the start - it was mysterious, exciting and unexplained - a very good student from good school goes missing and there might be involved a man seen on cameras or one mysterious married man who later comes out did not even existed. But then.. in one point, the story takes like U-turn and goes back as something totally different and I most say I did not loved the whole baby thing.. even the drug thing was better. And the way she reacts, how her friend tries to lie and protect her.. I think the ending was good when Mallone finds her.. but.. overall, not the best story. Too predictable after the main turn.. and too cliche.
  • Pregnant overachiever is reunited with her mom with newborn in her arms. *sniff*

    The plot of this story (teen pregnancy) is basically kinda overused, but once you overlook that, you realize that the originality remains. I mean, look! I just cried like heck over the episode because the girl was reunited with her family, carrying a new addition. After all, she looked like an angel, and almost is.

    I just don't like the drugs and married men part. It made me puke when it came to that.

    The baby looked like a complete angel, and all the team's efforts had paid off. That part was where I really let the tears off, crying like crazy!

    I recommend this episode.
  • This episode was one that kept me awake into the wee hours of the morning. The girl that went missing was so terrifeid of her mother's approval of her pregnancy that she ran away to take care of the "problem".

    The episode starts off with a group of over achieving girls getting ready to board a bus for a SAT review class. The girl with the, what I call, "soap opera" look decides not to go. Much to the surprise of her friends she then disappears. Come to find out she found out months before that she was pregnant. She and her best friend came up with a plan to go to California to have the baby and no one would know. But, that day she went into labor early her friend gave her the keys to her father's office. So after she delivers the baby she goes back to the school she excelled at and Agent Malone finds her there. The end was her reuniting with her mother, newborn in her arms. Real tears flowing down my face show that this episode touched a special emotion spot for me.
  • A young over-achiever goes missing, but there's more to the case than worry about her grades dropping.

    Firstly to the writers: as a British guy, the title means absolutely nothing to me! 4.0 sounds rather low.

    This isn't one of the best in the series by any means, but it still has many good points. It starts out looking like the usual pushy mother syndrome forcing an over-achieving kid into a breakdown, but the reality is thankfully quite different, if not exactly a huge surprise.

    I must admit I was pleased that the ending was positive. I know it doesn't always work out that way, but there are enough downer endings! Great choice of music too with Joni Mitchell's plaintive voice over the final scenes.

    Reasonable story, but not a classic.
  • An overachieving high school girl goes missing, and the worst is feared as the FBI searches for clues to her whereabouts.

    Ok, this wasn't the best of the bunch of "Trace" episodes, but I happen to catch it on a particular evening when I was feeling hormonal or something, because I really enjoyed it. I could figure out what was going to happen most of the time, of course, but that wasn't what I appreciated about the show. It brought back my lost youth: a teenager's secret life, hiding info from the parents, not telling adults anything if possible, the whole deal. As an adult now, I thought Tara was being silly behaving the way she did after she got pregnant. I remember being in her shoes (although I was 19), and not wanting to tell anyone, and getting in a panic. I thought the writers drove that home well. Even her girlfriends and their wall of silence was pretty cool to behold. Sure, parents say "you can tell me anything," but that's not always what they mean, and teenagers don't believe it most of the time, anyway. I felt transported back to my teenage Angst years, my own untimely pregnancy (though I was in college). The ending wasn't perhaps realistic. Tara hung on to her baby; in real life, that doesn't always happen. I need to view this episode another time when I'm in a different mood to see if I feel the way I do now. At this moment, I stand by my positive review.
  • Far too predictable.

    After Without A Trace being off air in Australia for several months, this is the episode we get as it returns - and what a predictable one it was.

    A girl goes missing within days of school exams and her best-friend is obviously covering.

    From the start you can guess that it will be revealed that she is pregnant and that the baby is on the way.

    Unfortunately, I found this episode too be just too scripted and it had to have one of those 'happy endings' where everything turns out right.

    I was left with one question - did the best-friend get charged with interfering with the investigation? I doubt in real-life if the FBI would let someone constantly lying to them just slide without even a warning.

    Sorry, but this episode would have been better left on the shelf.