Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2006 on CBS

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  • Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of a 911 operator who at the time of her disappearance was going through a personal crisis.


    This is not one of my favorite episodes of Without a Trace but that does not mean that it was bad. I did like the twists and turns the episode took because it made the story interesting and worth my time. However I had a tough time feeling for the characters from some reason. Maybe because the acting could have been better. I have seen better perfomances on this show. What redeems it somewhat is how the episode shows the dangers of taking the law into your own hands. "911" missed the bullseye, but hit the target.

  • Acting saved this episode.

    The show was predictable but yet the acting and the
    Writing helped saved the show as a 911 operator named
    Jessica goes missing but she doesn't go missing on accident but on purpose to seek revenge against someone from her past who keeps calling her from her work. Predictable ending but again the acting of the show saved it from becoming too predictable.
  • It was okay.

    In this episode a 911 operator goes missing after getting a threatning phone call. It turns out she tries to kill the man she thinks that raped her six years earlier. This episode wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be after I watched the preview, but it was okay.
  • A 911 operator goes missing, and in the ensuing search, it turns out she may not be missing at all, but seeking vengeance for a dark secret from her past.

    I thought it was a pretty good episode, although if you were going to kill someone because you were sure that person was the one who inflicted great physical and emotional pain on you, wouldn\\\'t you stop to make sure it was the right person, instead of abducting the first doctor with a southern accent that you\\\'d encountered since that night? There was one big mistake in the show; a big \\\'blooper\\\'.

    Since the incident involving Jessica and the guy from medical school occured five or six years prior to her \\\'disappearance\\\', that would\\\'ve made the year 2000 or 2001.

    In the scene in which she arrives home after being raped, she goes to her room, followed by her boyfriend. Just before she enters the room, there\\\'s a poster for Interpol\\\'s album \\\'Antics\\\' on the wall at the end of the hallway. Again, since the incident was some five or six years ago, that would\\\'ve made it 2000 or 2001...and Interpol \\\'Antics\\\' wasn\\\'t released until 2004. Oops.
  • So boring I changed the channel

    This episode was so bad I had to change the channel. For the love of God get Elena and Danny together already. It would be nice if just one of these tv shows got a couple together quickly instead of doing the dating dance. And I wish they would get better stories and fix what's her name's hair... she looks bald.
  • Good enough story with a 'bit too slow and predictable' ending.

    911 operator 7829, Jessica, has a woman on the phone who is trapped in a building that is on fire. She’s on the second floor, Fire & Rescue is on the spot.. and then she gets disconnected.
    One of her colleagues informs her there is a call for her a few moments later, she first thinks it’s the Fire people on Staten Island. It’s not. She gets very distressed, shouts into the horn that the guy on the other end can not be calling her on this line. And she disappears.
    Jessica Lawson, 27, 911 operator.
    The team trace the call back to J&Q Technologies, and the colleague tells them there was a man who came to see Jessica, waited on her outside the building. He was put on hold ( not by Jessica but by the computer ) and that resulted in the death of his wife Janie. He ( Nathan Kelly) was of course very upset, and needed someone to blame. He even followed her to 47th street, but when he saw how scared she was of him, and how vulnerable it only reminded him of his wife in her final moments, and he backed off.
    They find out that only 3 days earlier Jessica’s German Shepherd Cooper was killed, beaten to death, by someone who broke into her apartment.
    Jessica called her mom about it in the middle of the night. Mom told her to call the police, Jessica said she would, but she never did. Mom suggest that the reason for that might be that it has to do with Jessica’s job. They never spoke about that because Jessica’s mother was very disappointed in her daughter for dropping out of pre-med. Back to 47th and 6th, turns out there was a shooting there. Jessica went to “use the bathroom” in a store, aka : steal the security video tape of that day.
    They also discover that Jessica has been trying to help Sue, a woman in her building that is being abused by her husband Frank. Another woman confirms Frank is the one who called Jessica at work. Frank also was the one who killed Cooper the dog. Sue gave Frank the key and the combination of the alarm. In return Jessica took Frank’s gun when she helped Sue get away. Turns out Jessica was attacked in college. They bring in her old boyfriend Derrick, he had nothing to do with it, only took her to hospital. Their relationship ended shortly after because everything had changed. It becomes clear that Jessica thought she recognised the voice of the man who called in the shooting. Add to that he was a doctor and she wanted to get to him to get revenge. So she kidnaps him and takes him to the place where the attack happened. Only problem is that it was the wrong guy… Danny and Viv track them down in time and as Viv shows her a picture of the real attacked ( in jail for raping another woman) Jessica realizes she’s got the wrong guy, hands over the gun and breaks down.
    So, good enough story, but I think the end was a bit too slow, predictable and overall uneventful.
    I like the tension between Danny and Elena, not too soap opera like at all, so let’s see where that goes.