Without a Trace

Season 6 Episode 14

A Bend In the Road

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2008 on CBS

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  • A Bend in the Road Nerve-wracking Continuing from last week. Jack had got shot and his body had been dumped in water , they left him there for dead luckily Viv and the team found him just in time.

    This week Jack is being rushed through to the ER for an operation, and then there's Viv Sam and Martin waiting to see how's he's doing they then get a call about a teenage girl gone missing, so Viv asks Sam to stay at the hospital and to keep them posted on Jack. Sam is there when Jack comes round but he starts hallucinating,the doctor comes in and tells Sam to leave the room. Viv, Martin,Elena, Danny look into the young girl who has disappeared who'd had a heart transplant two years ago, we find out that she went to look for the family who she had the heart from,Viv and Danny find her in the end and take her safely back to her parents. Back to Jack at the hospital Sam has gone and one of Jacks bosses from work has come to see him, of what they were talking about I hope Jack isn't thinking of quitting, it would be sad to see him go he's what makes this program. Any way after his boss goes Viv comes to sit with him for a while, then she says after her time is up with him martin will come sit with him from 2.am till the morning, thought that was a nice touch that all of his team are there for him when he needs it, makes a nice change as he is always there for any of his team members if they get into trouble he always stands by them.I know there will be a lot of people out there who don't like this sort of story line when it involves the team like this, but some times you do need something like this to make it a bit more exiting, and every body knows the cast by now and when something like this happens its Wow So good. Hope Jack doesn't have a relapse next week.
  • Did Jack survive was the unanswered question of the end of the last episode & in this episode it is answered.

    Did Jack survive was the unanswered question of the end of the last episode. At the start of this episode we see Jack being rushed to the hospital with Viv by his side. The Doctor asks Sam & Viv if they can get Jack's details such as his next of Kin and if there is a DNR on his file. Sam face proves that she still loves him. Even when she tells Elena about Jack she starts to cry a little bit (and it isn't just hormones). Then all is well with Jack and the last scene is of him & Viv in his hospital room. Viv feds ice chips to him and reads him "People" magazine. A very cute scene. Fast forward to a 16 year old cheerleader (Diana) going missing from training. She has a heart problem and has had a heart transplant.
    Her so called best friend Kelly seems all sweet and innocent but then Joe (Diana's ex Boyfriend) tells the FBI that she isn't so sweet. And tells them that he saw Kelly & Diana together hours after she was suppose to have gone missing. They were at a party and they were taking ecstasy tablets.
    She finds out that the donor heart she got was from a boy who was about the same age as her (he was 17 and called Paul). She goes to the family of the donor and says she was a reporter, wanting to do an article on the accident. She goes back again and lets slip that she received his heart & Paul's brother over hears the conversation and flips. He didn't know about donor. He takes Diana and a gun and goes ff with her in his car.
    He takes her to where the accident happened and explains to her what happened that day. Viv and martin track them down and save the girl.
    Also in this episode: - The father (Brian) of Sam's baby rings her and turns up at the hospital. Sam meets up with him later on at a coffee shop. And they talk about the baby (who we find out is a boy and due in six weeks) and about the future.
    I loved the Jack/Sam scenes in this episode. It just proved to me that they could become an item again (even though she is having another man's baby) as they both really care for each other and love each other. Not a bad episode I think the Jack/Sam scenes were brilliant, but also loved the whole episode and the storylines.
  • A heart transplant recipient is missing

    I thought this was a bad episode! I love Without a Trace, and this episode was not up to par for me.
    The actress who played the teen never seemed to change her expression, or get rattled, even when in a dangerous situation. Also, why would a family be so opposed to meeting the person who received their son's heart, and so angry at her for trying to meet them? That part just didn't make sense to me. It seemed like a contrived plot. I was really looking forward to a new episode after the hiatus! This one was kind of boring to me.
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