Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 7

A Tree Falls

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2003 on CBS

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  • Matter of trust..

    A immigration episode in some way.. A latino boy is adopted from the street and then the whole way those immigrants live is unwrapped - the way they pay to get into country and what happens if you do not get payed and the way that boy got himself into trouble.. and the way there was a twist - it was not about the man who helped them in the country but something the brother did.. And also the shooting in the end what seems to get some aftermath next episode. Anyway, a quite good episode but sadly.. They can do better. They have proved it.
  • A young boy disappears. His family is in the country illegally and they owe money. No shortage of suspects

    A small boy is snatched from a busy street, but nobody 'sees' anything.

    Turns out his family owe money to a middle man - 'El Coyote' - who is responsible for getting these people to America.

    Lots of twists and turns in this one and a very good villain, who seems to enjoy cutting the ears off children to make his point. I was glad that the ending again was a bit of a twist and not what one expected

    Good characterisation, both of the episode characters and the regulars. Martin's disgust at the discovery of the little girl gives him a nice broader picture.

    A very good, rounded episode with a lot more to it than you think at first.

    The only quibble (bit of a SPOILER coming up). If you were El Coyote, under almost arrest in your own place and the FBI people were there with guns, would you try to use a small apple coring knife? Marty punches the guy and pulls his gun, having discovered El Coyote's depravity. What kind of mind (given that he's bright enough to get people into the US illegally for money) would then take a small knife and not even lunge at the agent? He raises it above his head with a gun pointed at him!! Didn't seem too true to life to me.
  • Great plot, viewers learn a lot about characters too

    First -- I'm still screaming at Martin for turning Sam's invite for a drink down!! AAHHHHH. He is so clearly affected by the shooting, he can't even meet her eyes until he tells her he has to finish the report...and then you can tell that while he regrets saying no, he's still ripped apart by the whole ordeal. We see lots of great scenes with Danny - a little more into his character. He's touched and pretty personal with the missing's family - who shares his background. Not really much of Jack, but we do see Vivian taking some control in the situation with Martin.

    It was so well written about immigration and their laws -- and the whole "american dream" thing. So many people want to get to this country, even if it means leaving everything they already have behind. What I liked most about this episode was how much we insight to the characters we got -- nice.