Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 7

All the Sinners, Saints

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on CBS

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  • A young woman tries to just be normal.

    This was one of the best episodes I've seen on Without A Trace. The storyline was absolutely amazing, it lets you in to a woman's life as she struggles to lead one that you and I take for granted. It shows a glimpse of how a mental illness affects everyone. Her mom, her brother and especially her. The actress did a wonderful job portraying the hopelessness, frustration, and despair of bipolar disorder. I would recommend this episode for anyone, especially those with interests in psychology.
    The ending scene is the most touching, and will most definately make people cry. I know I did.
  • This is touching and sad story about mentally unsound lady.

    This is really a very different episode which covers something happening around us. Do we have family member who was mentally unsound or suffering from depression? All this girl wanted was to be normal and loved by a man she likes.

    She saw her boss, a man whom were so nice to her though he knew she was ill, she was willing to kill his girlfriend after knowing their relationship and blaming it on something evil in her that needs priest to help remove it.

    This is something very tough for her mum and brother as they have tried their best to help her. Felt sad for her for the outcome. (Feeling what Martin was feeling I guess)
  • A young woman disappears after an exorcism by a questionable priest.

    This episode was really sad IMO. The sadness was that people such as Katie who have mental illness are so difficult to deal with and all they really want is to be "normal" and accepted. I thought the mother played by Dee Wallace was right on the mark because carers of mentally ill people, whether it be bipolar, schizophrenia, paranoia or many other illnesses, do get totally exhausted and hopeless. This is also how the person with the mental illness feels too unless they are psychotic totally and have no hold on reality at all. I did like the fact that not remembering Katie made Martin feel bad enough to react by speaking to a young shy secretary as he was leaving the office, many times we never know how one smile or one bit of acknowledgement will make all the difference in one person's life if they are depressed or feeling alone. It was a nice sentiment. All in all it was a different type of case than normal, but it did make one stop and think. Nice acting as usual.
  • Not the ending I was expecting

    On the whole a good episode with a sad ending. They did a good job of showing a mother and son struggling to deal with a mentally ill person on a daily basis. They did a good job of showing they both loved her but were at their wits end and hated themselves for it.
  • Not the best, but pretty darn good!

    I felt really bad for that girl having all those problems and that stupid guy at her work that tried to put the moves on her playing with her mind. He needs to get his butt kicked! Good thing this isn\\\'t reality, huh? When I finally figured out exactly what happened, it made me very sad. I almost cried when they found the girls body. Speaking of which, can anyone PLEASE tell me the name of the song and/or artist that was playing during that scene? I love it and want to find it. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  • Mentally disturbed young woman disappears

    GREAT EPPY! This is two in a row for me because I loved last week\'s too. Jack and Anne? So over it. I think I\'d rather see Danny and Elena. Speaking of Elena, even though I like her, it was kind of nice to get a break from her...if that makes any sense. I\'m convinced Sam is pregnant, I\'m sorry folks. The all black outfit? The plump cleavage? She had something in front of her stomach (files, her arms) on every take except when she was walking down the hallway with Martin, but even then the lighting was dark. I did like the \"issues\" comment and her reaction to it. Now to the most important part...

    MARTIN!!!!!! MARTIN!!!! GAGH, he looked smokin\' in last night\'s epy!!! He always looks so scrumptious in blue. And his facial expressions throughout the episode were like....GAGAH!!! Why can\'t he be MY husband so I can look at that face every day?!!! I was so jealous of the secretary Bonnie who he talked to at the end of the episode. She looked so shy talking to him, I would have acted the same way if someone that HOT spoke to me. I love it when the writers interject something about the actor\'s personal life in the script, and we all know Eric Close is devoutly religious so that made the Danny/Martin scene that much better. And ever since the first season I have always liked Viv/Martin scenes, their chemistry is on point. (Except in \"In the Dark\" when for some reason the writers decided to have Martin have issues with Viv being the new boss...okay, what sense did that make???)
  • Acting saves this not so good storyline.

    This seemed to be a Martin episode in which he
    Tries to get the team to help find a missing
    Woman in this post-Halloween episode that is like the Linda Blair movie the Exorcist and that the priest that performed the Exorism on the young lady is a prime suspect.
    Not one of my favorite storylines but the acting is what saves it.