Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 7

All the Sinners, Saints

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on CBS

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  • A young woman disappears after an exorcism by a questionable priest.

    This episode was really sad IMO. The sadness was that people such as Katie who have mental illness are so difficult to deal with and all they really want is to be "normal" and accepted. I thought the mother played by Dee Wallace was right on the mark because carers of mentally ill people, whether it be bipolar, schizophrenia, paranoia or many other illnesses, do get totally exhausted and hopeless. This is also how the person with the mental illness feels too unless they are psychotic totally and have no hold on reality at all. I did like the fact that not remembering Katie made Martin feel bad enough to react by speaking to a young shy secretary as he was leaving the office, many times we never know how one smile or one bit of acknowledgement will make all the difference in one person's life if they are depressed or feeling alone. It was a nice sentiment. All in all it was a different type of case than normal, but it did make one stop and think. Nice acting as usual.