Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 19

At Rest

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Sam's darkest secrets are revealed when her sister goes missing she decides to search for her without the team's help.

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  • woww.

    this is a great episode for sam, well i mean not for her, but her character comes a long way. last episode we were left with her back talking to her sister. now her sister is missing. it all ties in to like 17 years ago. am saw er sster being raped. so she killed him in defense. i was shocked. sam the future fbi agent had killed him. and the sisters hid the body. now that was a shock. i liked how jack handeled the whole thing. i really thought sam would have to serve concequences, but she probobly suffered enough. it was probobly because of jack that she didnt. se id wanna come clean, but jack said some things should be kept burried. this as such a good episode.moreless
  • Great acting, writing. We finally know about Sam's past and her troubles with personal issues.

    Sam siter is missing. Emily has a great life, good house, caring husband until she gets a male visitor and start behaving different. And by different means withdrowning 20 thousand dollars from her bank account without an explanation to her husband.

    we, the audience, find out at the same time as Sam all the secrets about Emily. She had a child 17 years ago and gave him for adoption. In Sam's mind that fact explained why her sister dissapeared for almost a year (how about nine months, huh!)17 years ago.

    We see the relationship between Sam and her mom. Even a sarcastic comment from Jack to Vivian that his relationship with his relatives compared to Sam's was idilic. Sam's mom has a great selfpreserving mechanism. She tends to avoid in her mind everything tha may cause suffer or worry. She never knew about her pregnant teen dauther and equaling herself to Sam.

    Finally we found ot why the sister's relationship was so fractured. Sam discovered a man raping her sister and killed him. They buried him and never talk about it aganin. In fact never talk to each other again. Apparently they inherite their mom's selfpreserving mechanism.

    Jack is a great friend, and he was all the way there for Sam. I would like to see more Martin interaction in Sam's case or a hint if their relationship will go someplace anytime (despite the fact i think Sam does not deserve Martin and she totally blew it).

    For the way the sisters talk we can hope the relationship get straight and they have each other fro now on. Well, and for a really happy ending (and soapish one) auntie Sam has a Bone marrow math for her newly obtained nephew.moreless
  • First timer, on a bet, interested but not stunned.

    I made a bet with my ladyfriend that I could answer more questions about her fave shows than she could about mine. This episode was the one I was assigned to watch. Want to know a secret? I completely whiffed on it, I think it was because of basketball. Nonetheless, I came here to find reviews and try to piece together what happened, and went to federalthreesome.com to actually watch the show in clips (GREAT site for that since CBS is brain dead on this one). I liked it, Sam definitely reminds me of Demi Moore in mannerisms and even look. For some reason, I wasn't caught up in the drama aspect of it. This seems like a show for women, which is cool. I didn't like that Jack lied to the Feds about the incident. I also was not entirely clear on how Sam surmised that her sister was at the dude's house. But that's my fault.

    Boy, her mom was a loser.

    I liked it OK, I am mos def more of the action genre, the "24" ilk. By the way, what was the weapon Sam used to kill the rapist? She chopped a forest down on that dude--bambambambambam!! Sorry, a litte testorone there.

    A decent episode.moreless
  • A looking on Sam’s past…

    I real love this epi!

    I don’t appreciate to much the beginning, but “at rest” I love all! In my opinion I don’t think that it was necessary put another man in Sam live. And I’m still waiting to know if he will mean anything or not…

    As Sam is my favourite character I was excited with an epi all about her! This “case” was a brilliant story, what the writers did with the story cut my breath! I never could think that Sam will kill the Sister’s rapper…; that Emily became pregnant and gave the baby for adoption; and now that son needed a medulla transplant from his real parents! In the middle of this, Sam doesn’t know about nothing in 17 years!

    The fact is, with her sister missing, Sam and Emily have to face their past and focus on present in order to build a better future.

    The relation between Jack and Sam was wonderful; he demonstrates that he really is a good man and a great boss. It was nice to see him with her in Kenosha (in spite the fact I would prefer Martin…).

    This was one of my favourite epi’s!!moreless
  • One of the best episodes I have seen!

    This is probably one of the best episodes that I have

    Seen in awhile and that it finally reveals Sam's past

    As her sister goes missing and that Sam might have to

    Break a few rules in order to make compromises which

    Could mean losing her job as well as possibly her freedom. But Jack is there to back her up. As he is loyal to his employees.
Lilly Roberson

Lilly Roberson

Teen Samantha

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Laura Peters

Laura Peters

Teen Emily

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Kurt A. Long

Kurt A. Long


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Bill Smitrovich

Bill Smitrovich

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Kenosha is on the Wisconsin/Illinois border and is often referred to as a South Milwaukee or Northern Chicago suburb. The population in 2006 was reported as 164,400 (4th largest city in the state of Wisconsin). The area surrounding the Kenosha is mostly farmland, however, it isn't a wooden evergreen forest as depicted in the episode.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Martin Fitzgerald: I know we dig into people's lives for a living but because this is Sam's sister, I dunno. It feels a little different, kinda like we're snooping.
      Vivian Johnson: Well for the record, if anybody ever tasers me...search into anything you can find.
      Martin Fitzgerald: You can count on it.

    • Brian (after Samantha gets off her phone): What's going on?
      Samantha Spade: I gotta go, so you gotta go.
      Brian: No coffee, no toast?
      Samantha Spade: You know what, umm, I'm sorry...
      Brian: Brian.
      Samantha Spade: Brian, yeah. Just, just go.

    • Jack Malone: You know what, Samantha, in the personal arena, I would have to say that you consistently make the worse choices.
      Samantha Spade: Present company included?
      Jack Malone: Definitely.

    • Samantha Spade: I was gonna tell the truth. Kinda tired of being stuck in this.
      Jack Malone: But you're not stuck any more. You did tell the truth -- to me.
      Samantha Spade: What do I do? Just forget about it?
      Jack Malone: No, you learn how to forgive yourself.

    • Jack Malone: I'm just not ready to see you leave yet.
      Samantha Spade: I'm tired, Jack.
      Jack Malone: I know you are, honey.

    • Jack Malone: I hate to gloat.
      Samantha Spade: Yes, I always think of you as someone who hates to be right.
      Jack Malone (smiles): Really?

  • NOTES (2)