Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 24


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 20, 2004 on CBS

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  • Good case but weird developments on char level

    Ok.. the case was not too bad. Exciting and with all the Jack leaving everyone seemed to take the last case specially and there were tension, lies, conspiracy and people in wrong places in wrong time..

    But that sounded quite good and I think I would have given higher mark but for me the ending ruined it all - ok.. I was quite sure they come up with something to keep Jack there.. so it was little fooling with all the leaving talks but to do it like that.. I am not even sure.. was he married? I remember that somewhere in season 1 he told he is divorced.. but still.. You decide you will leave it all for her and then she says sorry - I do not want you come with me. That's cruel and even if life is cruel.. I think it looked really weird with everything going on.
  • Good series finale. A mother, daughter, and son are kidnapped and the captain his shot in the head and killed. more.

    A mother, daughter, and son are kidnapped and the captain is shot in the head and killed. The team starts the search with questioning the father. He gets a call from the kidnappers saying that they will give the family back if he gives them what they want. The father had no idea so he made a trade with another rich man for pictures. They later find out that the kidnappers are searching for uncut diamonds that were hidden in that yacht's sonar system. The boy escapes by jumping off the bow into a dingy so only the mother and daughter are left with the kidnappers. The squad finds out that a wrker found the diamonds and sold them to a jewelry salesman for wayy less that they were worth. So now the diamonds are sold throughout the world and they have no diamonds to get the family back. So jack organizes a bust where they lure the kidnappers to another boat that supposedly has the diamonds. They find the kidnappers and get into a heated gun fire. Sam goes around a corner and is knocked down and about to be shot but Martin saves her. They find the girl and mother and are soon reunited with their family. Later on the team goes out for drinks and Sam and Martin leave in a cab together. One of my favorite episodes :]
  • Great Episode

    I couldn't believe Jack's wife Maria, how mean could she be, telling him she doesn't want to be married to him anymore. Personally though i never liked her character much!! SORRY! Im glad Sam and Martin finally got it together though because its been imminent for a few episodes. They make a great couple.
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