Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 8

Better Angels

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2008 on CBS
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The team's latest case sends Jack and Sam to Los Angeles in search for a man who went missing after his employee's funeral. Investigations in New York and California bring the team to a turn regarding this coast-to-coast mystery. Jack and Sam also rekindle their relationship.

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  • An amazing episode for all Jack/Sam fans

    In this episode of Without a Trace, the following happens. The team investigate the disappearance of a man named Rob. He disappeared after a funeral for a man who worked for his company. They soon learn that Rob took a flight to Los Angles, under a different name. Due to this Jack asks Samantha to go to with him to Los Angeles. After a bit of a chat (about how it will look to everyone), she agrees. They go to see Rob's sister and father, both of them had no idea that he was back in town. Jack and Sam son learn from a homeless man, that Rob was forced by gun point into a car and was driven off. They soon believe that a double murder over 15 years ago may be related to why Rob has gone back to Los Angeles. The team soon believe after talking again to Rob's sister, that their father may have been involved in the double murder. When Jack and Sam pick up the father he confesses to the murder. But when Sam talks to his friend, Ed he admits that it was Rob who killed both of them. Rob was high on drugs that night and had no idea that he had killed anyone. He flipped out, took the gun and took off. Neither of them have heard from him since, and they have been looking for him. Its then that Jack and Sam gets a call and head to the beach and find a suicide note inside of a pair of shoes. It seems as though Rob, drowned himself, after not being able to live with himself after learning that he committed a double murder. At the very end of the episode, we see that Jack and Sam are now back together and that Jacks daughter Hannah is coming back home, to New York for a few weeks.moreless
  • One of the best episodes!

    The relationship with Jack and Sam has been part of the show from the beginning. At the beginning of the series it was just hints of the relationship. Then there where just suttle reminders. The Jack and Sam relationship has finally come hopefully full circle with the episode Better Angels. Jack was able to get Sam to Los Angeles and then was able to talk about his feelings about their relationship. Now that Sam has a child and Jack went thru such a tough time last season, they need each other. Better Angels was a great episode that just makes the Jack/Sam lovers wanting more. I hope to see it as a rerun a lot of times.moreless
  • Jack and Sam go to L.A. together to follow a case. About time.

    If you're a fan of Jack and Sam, then this is the one to watch. Simple as that. And since I am a fan of the relationship and have been from the beginning, then I enjoyed the episode very much. Jack and Sam's bench scene is one of the few refreshingly honest, realistic scenes between two people with a past coming to terms with their present life that has screened on TV for some time, and it is a credit to LaPaglia and Montgomery and their on-screen chemistry that the scene worked so well.

    The following two episodes screened were the filler episodes -as they were filmed before the hiatus, and the episode "Wanted" is the logical successor to this one.moreless
  • The case of a disappearance of an aircraft company executive takes Jack And Sam to Los Angeles where Jack of all people tries to woo Sam once again.

    This episode was Cringeworthy to watch. First off a case involving a aircraft company executive disappearance leads Jack And Sam to LA.But the office scene in which Jack tells Sam we have to go to LA is bad and I mean bad. This is where the Cringeworthy thing happens. The acting between the both is laughable at best if not inadequate. Instead of solving the case Jack (I will solve this case whatever) tries to woo Sam once again, claiming he'll be a changed man yada, yada. Then comes the weird part when Sam while in LA says "You know I love you right, I've had feelings for you for sometime now." WTF is this all about, I thought she was over him, and him her. Yet we are led to believe this pile of cow manour. Once again the guy/gals in the know how decided to make the rest of the cast take a back seat to the Jack/ Sam storyline. I won't bother finishing the story because the main story was Jack/Sam (Surprise, surprise). This show is getting worse and worser.moreless
  • The case of a disappearance of an aircraft company executive takes the team to Los Angeles. While investigating the case in the City of Angels, Jack tries to rekindle his romance with Samantha.moreless

    This episode is by far the most disappointing of the season. There is nothing about this episode that makes it worth seeing. I was turned off by Jack's attempts to restart his romance with Samantha. Throughout the series Jack has always been devoted to the case he is looking into, maybe too much (As we have seen in the past). In this episode Jack seems more concerned with seducing Samantha than the case itself and I found that disappointing. I think a person as dedicated as Jack would realize what the priority is. Hopefully the show will right itself soon.moreless
Jordan Belfi

Jordan Belfi

Robb Simms

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Charles Hoyes

Charlie Simms

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Christopher Darga

Christopher Darga

Ed Wells

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Samantha interviews the older man, the camera gives us a front view and she has her legs crossed; but when the camera pans out and gives us a side view, her legs are uncrossed.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Sam: If Rob was feeling guilty, and went on a bender, I can't find any proof of it in his financial records.
      Jack: You know, it would be so much easier for us to solve cases if drug dealers would just accept credit cards.

    • Martin: Now, look, Mr. Liccardi, you may or may not have anything to do with Rob's disappearance, but one thing I know for sure - your company is in trouble. And the last thing you want in your life right now is the FBI.
      Liccardi: I may be able to help you in one aspect. This is where you'll find Dale Kinecki. He's working at the Trenton-Mercer Airport. I sent him there a couple of days ago to calm his ass down.
      Martin: You sure it wasn't to hide him?
      Liccardi: Well, I'd look pretty stupid giving him up to you now, wouldn't I?
      Martin: You said it.

    • Elena: Why didn't you say that to the cops that found you?
      Kinecki: They had bad manners.
      Elena: You know, you can go straight to the holding cell if you want to. You want to do that? Because if you're actually innocent, I think it's a better idea if you talk to me.

    • Vivian: One of the L.A. suspects claims that he found Rob's bag in the street.
      Elena: Just lying there?
      Vivian: That's what he says, who knows? Anyway, LAPD is going to focus their canvass in that area.
      Elena: All right. Well, that cop Rob was hunting down is being taken to Interview 1.
      Vivian: Maybe he'll tell us the truth.
      Elena: I love it when you get optimistic.

    • Jack: I have a feeling whoever took Rob, it wasn't the L.A. welcome wagon.

    • Martin: Yeah, but what's motivating this guy to come forward after 15 years?
      Danny: Guilt over the dead mechanic?
      Martin: Oh, come on.
      Danny: Look, I know it's very Psych 101, but … it's the best I got.

    • Jack: All right, which one do you want? Murdering father? Or kidnapping best friend?
      Sam: How about I take whoever's telling the truth?
      Jack: All right. Rock, paper, scissors.
      (A perturbed Sam just stares at him and gets out of the car)

    • Charlie Simms: Things got out of hand.
      Jack: Oh, you think? You only stabbed them 15 times.

    • (Jack leans over and kisses Sam)
      Sam: Umm …
      Jack: I really want this to work. I would like to be all the things that you need me to be … but there's a lot of stuff in my life that I need to clear up.

    • Jack: It scares the crap out of me. Every time somebody I care about relies on me, I just shut down.
      (Sam leans over, kisses Jack, and sighs)
      Sam: You can do anything that you set your mind to.
      Jack: That's just the sunstroke talking.
      (Sam laughs)
      Sam: No. No.
      Jack: What if I screw it up?
      Sam: You won't. You can't. You have to figure it out this time, Jack, because … your daughter's depending on you.
      Jack: And for you and your son?
      Sam: Yeah, there's that.

    • Sam: The most boring car the U.S. government can provide.
      Jack: Well, a convertible's no good for you. You get sunburn. Bad for your skin.
      Sam: Yeah, but good for our soul.
      Jack: Uh-huh.
      Sam: Where are we staying tonight?
      Jack: Some motel chain down by the airport. The paperwork's in the car. The room is reserved.
      Sam: Room-ah?
      Jack: Well, you know, with the government cut backs and everything … Kidding, kidding. Rooms-ah. Plural.
      Sam: Just checking.

    • Jack: LAPD. All roads lead back to La-La Land.
      Sam: Okay, so you're asking me to go to Los Angeles.
      Jack: I'm asking us to go to Los Angeles.
      Sam: Do you have any idea how that would look, Jack?
      Jack: Like two colleagues investigating a case.
      Sam: Two colleagues?
      Jack: I could invite some others if you want.
      Sam: No, you and me is fine.

    • Sam: I'm just saying that if we had GPS, we would have gotten here twenty minutes ago.
      Jack: What, men don't ask for directions? That is a cliché that is beneath you.
      Sam: (laughing) You got lost.
      Jack: If you say so.
      Sam: You got lost!

    • Jack: Uh, Samantha, umm...Are you, uh, doing anything tonight? (Samantha, looking confused, starts to reply) I thought that I would, um, you know, pick up some Chinese and come over and ...
      Sam: I told you my mom was in town all week to see the baby, right?
      Jack: Yes, you did. I've just been in denial about it.
      Sam: Rain check?
      Jack: Absolutely.

    • Sam: What are we doing here, Jack?
      Jack: We're, you know ...uh, standing here in L.A., waiting for somebody to tell us where to go.
      Sam: As a metaphor, that's fine; as an answer, it stinks.
      Jack: Then I would go with the metaphor.
      Sam: You didn't bring me 3,000 miles to drink bad coffee and wait around.
      Jack: Probably not.
      Sam: You know how I feel about you, right? How I've always felt about you. And the truth is, before I had a baby, it would've been fine for us to come here and have a … a good time. But our good time always ends up messy, and it's too hard to pick up the pieces.
      Jack: I'm not trying to make it hard.
      Sam: I need stability, consistency … I don't even it need it. My child needs it. (Jack's phone rings) Don't answer that. Look, two seconds, you can call them back. Lets finish this conv ...
      (Jack stares at Sam as he answers the phone. She looks away)
      Jack: Malone.

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