Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 4

Between the Cracks

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2002 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The team investigates the disappearance of a 19-year-old model who left a half-packed suitcase on the bed in her apartment.

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  • Missing...

    Ok.. I was already starting to wonder - they all say first 24 hours are critical and the percent of finding people alive of that drops dramatically but so far all the cases - they managed to find people alive.. but this time the story is so different and again - a girl who has many faces and she is missing so long and noone seems to even miss her - in job girls disappear and never come back all the time, her friend just doesn't think she should call someone else than her.. and her mom hasn't seen her for years.. what a story.. and the whole solving it.. finding something about a girl noone seems to care.. sad story.moreless
  • Not too ineresting

    This was a difficult and weird case. The team investigate the dissapearance of a 19 year old model & nobody knows what she looks like, or the exact time she dissapeared.

    It really wasn't that interesting to watch & even though I wasn't paying much attention to the episode I managed to understand everything that was happening.

    I just hope next weeks episode is more interesting.

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    • Chet Collins: It feels like drowning, Jack. Like drowning so slowly you don't even realize what's happening. Well, I have to go on. I can't let Sean go. You know, each time I'm scared that I might not be able to hang on.
      Jack Malone: You can hang onto me.

    • Jack Malone: The headbutt was a nice touch.
      Danny Taylor: No, head bump. That was head bump, not a headbutt.
      Jack Malone: All right.
      Danny Taylor: There's a difference.

    • Vivian Johnson: Jack, about Chet Collins, I don't think you should give up.
      Jack Malone: Sometimes I wish I could.
      Vivian Johnson: No you don't. You're a hope junkie just like the rest of us.

    • Jack Malone: It's a big city out there. I think if you grow up here, you take it for granted.
      Vivian Johnson: You're right.
      Jack: I wonder how many girls there are like Eve. They come to this town full of hope, but really they're just these tiny little pebbles that get thrown into a lake so big they barely leave a ripple. It's amazing, Chet Collins is so desperate to find out anything about his son, but we can't find one person who even noticed Eve was missing.

    • Martin Fitzgerald: Who's Chet Collins?
      Vivian Johnson: Chet Collins is a contractor from Rockway who liked nothing more than to take his kids camping in the Catskills each summer. On one of those trips his son, Sean, disappeared in the middle of the night from his tent. Stolen, wandered off, no one knows and that was 5 years ago.
      Martin Fizgerald: Jack stayed close with this guy?
      Vivian Johnson: We all have our Chet Collins'. You will too.

    • Jack Malone: So we don't know what she looks like, where she is and we don't know when she disappeared.
      Samantha Spade: This ought to be easy.

    • Danny Taylor: My money is on Goran Davitz. A, he used to run an after-hours clubs in Brooklyn. B, NYPD has their eye on him...
      Martin Fitzgerald: And C, you don't like him.
      Danny Taylor: I was just getting to C.

    • (In reference to Eve's apartment.)
      Danny: Here's what eighteen hundred gets you in the city.
      Martin: Aw, come on, they can't all be this bad.
      Danny: You're right -- most of the time the bathtub's in the kitchen.

    • (Looking through Eve's modeling shots.)
      Samantha: Eve Cleary as J-Lo. Eve Cleary as Britney. Who the hell are we looking for?

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