Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 2

Birthday Boy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2002 on CBS

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  • Little slow but quite good

    If considering that pilot had really great motion then this one was little slow in some parts and the case did not had that kind of great twist as the pilot, so it felt weaker.

    The story starts really excitingly, I most say that start promising something more and even if it came out that boy probably run out himself it still sounded much better than it ended.. it lost the steam somewhere in the middle.

    And I think the little concentration and building tension between characters was a good idea too - so far we know only very little but I think they will be important part of the show.
  • Enjoyable episode!

    This episode was suspenseful. I liked the fact that Martin still had to earn Jack's trust and respect; it showed that Jack runs a tight ship and their is no room for nonsense. The plot of this episode was interesting in itself, as was the outcome. I did not expect that the young boy was adopted nor that he would trust some random person online claiming to be his dad. This boy was smart enough to get to Yankee Stadium after giving his dad the slip and sell his ticket to a scalper for more than what it was worth. This episode was very unique.
  • A better set, a new beginning!

    I think this epi is better than the first. Mainly because of the new set!
    Much better! Has more space, is more clear and great!

    I love the "new" agent. Martim was so normal... Exactly like we in the beginning of a new work! And is so gorgeous!

    I love the way why they described Martim acceptation on the work: Danny being jealous and rude with him; Viv giving good advices, Jack being an exigent and authoritarian boss and Sam being nice and try to show some comprehension about his acceptation difficulties.

    The case was very interesting and the kid adoption was a good surprise!

    Definitively a promise of a great tv show! I will see every single epi!
  • I didnt like this one much.

    This was the 1st episode of Without a Trace that I got to see and I didnt think it was like that good to start with. I thought the little boy was cute but it was like a little bit predictable and everything and also not all realistic and everything. I mean, I dont think he could have got so far without anyone seeing him and taking him home first. Anyway, I do actually like the program a lot but I dont think this was one of its best episodes or anything. You didnt really get a proper sense of who the characters were and stuff.
  • Boy is seperated from his father and gets into trouble where he is then almost kid napped by a predator he meets online.

    Not exaclty one of the greatest episodes of Without A Trace. Just average. Shows how kids meet child predators over the internet. Gabe is suppose to go to a baseball game with his dad but is seperated at the subway station. Gabe sells his tickets and meets some kids, tries to steal chips from a convenient store, and goes to meet who he thinks is his biological father to help him who is actually a predator. I guess it's a good story line but it didn't interest me as much as the other episodes. I wouldn't say that this specific episode is a must see but it's not completely horrible.
  • blah

    I used to not like this TV show, Without a Trace, but once I saw this episode, I started to like it more, and than I started watching more and more episodes until I liked it a lot. I now watch this show on a regular basis, and I pretty much owe it to this episode, 'Birthday Boy.' I also owe it to my boredom on the night I watched it, because I was bored, flipping through the channels, until I found this TV show and decided to just watch this. I've seen many episodes now, and this one is not my favorite.
  • I'm starting to love this show.

    I'm already seeing an improvement starting from episode 2. The pilot wasn't so great but this episode definately made up for it & now I'm totaly hooked.

    So Jack seems angry at the new guy, Martin, for some reason, although I can't remember if it was because of something he did in the previous episode or not. But I liked how Sam was sweet & kind to him.

    The case was definatly interesting & had me wondering what really happened to the boy & if he ran away from home or not. I was glued to my chair for the entire episode.

    Now I have something to look forward to every week.