Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 11

Blood Out

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 05, 2006 on CBS

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  • Paramedic, Cole, disappears. At first the team is impressed by Cole's resume, but Elena is able to get a hold on his classified criminal record from his youth. That leads the team towards a gang. Meanwhile Anne comforts Jack.

    Well it's pretty obvious that this storyline never really got to me. I think the writers failed this one, unfortunately. It could have been good. They should have held focus on Trevor and he should have been a hostage too. That could have been really cool and heart breaking.
    I also thought it was unoriginal of the writers not to give us an explanation of how Trevor ended up in that Ambulance and what he was doing in there.
    How ever there were some great moments in this episode. I have to say this: Love is in the air! Haha.. I rather liked Jack's sudden kiss and his confusion. I thought that was cute, also when he stumbled over his own words.
    I think Jack and Anne makes a cute couple, but I agree with the Jammer's; They are moving too fast. They should have waited a little while, because this is a hard time for both of them.
    To throw one self into a relationship when you are emotionally ripped up, is not a good idea. Relationships are always filled with mixed emotions. Confusion most likely to get in the way.
    So like this they'll have a hard time distinguish between love and feeling sorry for each other. I hope you guys are following me, it's complicated!

    The last thing I would like to note is Danny and Elena. I thought they had a few cute moments in this episode too. The best one was when Elena didn't like Orlando to go. He sends her such cute looks. And she seem's to like it :P

    So for bad/failed storyline and great charactermoments, I'll give it average!
  • This series is one quick hour. That's what makes a successful program...when you look at the time and it is ten minutes till the end and you think, "Wow, that flew by, can't wait intil next week".

    This show never really let's me down. I love the diversity in all the characters. If one character isn't in it much one week, you'll be sure to see them featured another week. It's a well oiled machine with a great looking cast with very good chemistry.
    I loved seeing Jack humanized and "light" for a change. It looks fine on him (such a cutie). I hope the Martin/Sam thing gets explained a bit more and finally ends. They have zero chemistry. Let's see Sam fight for Jack. And hopefully Danny's character will get more developed this season. I love them all...great fit!
  • Predictable!

    This episode was so predictable that I could have gone to sleep and recite the entire plot to anyone.

    My God how worse can WAT get?

    Jack kisses the FBI woman...to shut her up and give her the boast she needed to do his bidding or because he likes her, although he said that he doesn't. They should forget the taped episodes they have so far cause once again this is another predictable storyline.

    Whose idea was it to put another cast member in?They are too spread out, I barely saw Marty.

    Overall, a very boring and predictable episode. How long do I have to endure this torture until WAT goes back to its roots?
  • Where was Martin?

    This was an excellent episode, it dived into an area that is normally avoided in television. Danny and Jack's character really came out. How come there wasn't much of Martin? You can't introduce a new plot line, Martin's addiction to painkillers, then just leave it. Besides he was only in a couple of scenes. Whatever happened to Martin and Sam's relationship? Are they just going to end it and not let them try to repair their relationship?
  • An above average episode that was a little uneven and somewhat predictable.

    I enjoyed this episode but found the topic to be somewhat repetitious. Gang violence is something that has been done before. The characters were well developed but there were few surprises here. The hope that things would end happily were not strong because of how the characters were positioned going toward the ending. So when the conclusion happened it was not a shock.
    I felt that there was a lot of potential for emotional involvement with the preacher, the teen, the gang member and the hero. Unfortunately, given the time constraints there were only glimpses of each of them.
    It was a nice twist where the preacher gave the gang member the hero’s address. It kind of completed the circle and showed that gang violence touches everyone negatively.
    The teen’s escape from this world, however, was somewhat contrived and Danny’s stepping up to be his contact was somewhat of a stretch considering the limited amount of contact he had with him.
    What happened to the hero’s girlfriend? Other than the very start she was not involved with finding the hero and the end result.
    Jack’s involvement with Ann seems to be a little bit of a distraction but I’ll hold my criticism on that. Let’s see how that develops. I hope it doesn’t become night time soap opera as I worried Danny and Elena’s relationship might become.
    Jack’s closure with his father was a good loop closer on that.
    This was part of the episode that I felt was well done. It was subtle but showed Jack to be someone who wants to do right but repeatedly has his emotions pushing him the other way.
    Overall, the episode was an above average. Not one of the best but better than some.
  • A good start to the new year, in my opinion

    I think that this episode was very good example of something that's been rarely shown on the show. Gang violence is still a big part of society and the interwoven spiritual storyline with the preacher was very good in my opinion. It goes to show that not everyone is perfect and that bad things can happen to good people. It was a good start on the new year for the show for me. I was awaiting a new episode after the holiday's to be over. The wait was well worth it to me since I was very pleased with this episode.
  • OK, I'm going to tell the world that this episode was the biggest piece of crap I've seen. That flushing sound is the where this series is headed.

    Just like the first episode of '05, 4.0, this seemed to have walked itself through. I saw nothing from this episode that hasn't been done to death over the past seasons. Well, except, Jack gets to plant one, so there! Desperate Housewives ... meet Desperate Agents. The only tear jerking moment for me was remembering the wonderful series this once was. But that was a long time ago.