Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • Stripper Mom and Stripper Elena

    I didn't particulary like this episode. "Without a Trace" has better story lines.
    A mother who has to work as a stripper is a sad story unless she wants to do it BUT I did like the fact Danny and Elena turn things up! LOL!
    I have always liked the couple and the sexual tension now is really ON!
  • Jack gets in trouble and Elena strips

    Could have been a much better episode. Danny and Elena getting it on was funny. He has been in love with her since she first came on. The story was sad in that she died because she didn't have enough money on her to satisfy a junkie. Hate the fact that Jack is in a relationship with that woman.
  • Wife/Mother by day....Hot MAMA by night!

    I missed the season opener. I'll have to check CBS/Innertube to see if it's still available to watch.
    I have to admit that I missed probably 1/2 the episodes from last season. I can't believe this is the 5th season of WaT!

    This was another great episode. Cindy is a wife and mother by day but since her husband spent all their money on a business that ultimately was failing, she was forced to become a stripper named Candy so they could pay the bills. She was obviously very good at it because she made a lot of money and her so called "friend" (who worked with her) kept borrowing money for her boyfriend Kyle. This led them to kidnap Cindy and force her to lend them money she just didn't have anymore (she had paid $14k in credit cards already) and eventually, Kyle shoots and kills Cindy. I was sorry the ending had to be grim especially because she had a son. She was trying to help the family get back on its feet because of her husband's mistake and it cost her her life. I don't want it to sound like it was the husband's fault because opening their own business is a great idea but you gotta know what you're getting into....anyway, he couldn't have forseen the disaster that the business would bring so I wouldn't fault him for the events. Still, Noah is left without a mother. It was sad.
  • Strip clubs can be very scary!

    Strip clubs can be very scary when a mother who becomes one in order to support her family disappears into the night.
    Elena becomes one in order to go under cover but when her cover is about to be blown, Danny then goes under cover to make sure that things run smoothly. Sexual tension arises between the two "enemies!"
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