Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2009 on CBS
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A man faking his identity and posing as a college student disappears and the team must decipher his secrets in order to find him.

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  • Another Great Installment. The team is looking for a guy with many identities. Jack is getting to know his daughter again.

    The main plot of this episode is very good and has a different ending than any other episode that I have scene. A young man in college goes out for more booze for an off campus party and never returns. When the team initially starts investigating the case, they are looking for a man named Jay Lester. Upon further investigation, they find that he was previously going by the name Blake Keyes and was working as a doctor in a primary care clinic. He was working on criminals who had gun shot wounds and stab wounds at the clinic and word in the underworld got around about him. He was making a lot of money under the table. All was going well until the real Blake Keyes (whom had died) sister confronted him and he promptly quit the job. This is when he went to the college to try and fit in. The team was able to track down a car that had been stolen and burned. The dead body in the trunk was a criminal and they tracked down his brother who finally admits trying to have Jay Lester/Blake Keyes/ John Burroughs to try and save his brothers life who had been shot. John Burroughs told him he wasn't a doctor and his brother needed to go to the hospital. The guy confesses to torching the car with his brother's body in it but wanted his teeth back. He said he let John Burroughs go. The team investigates where Burroughs could have gone and found a train that was headed for Canada via the campus where his girlfriend was. They went to the campus and just missed Burroughs. Martin is ready to take the girlfriend in for obstruction for not giving his location, but Taylor convinces him to let him go, he just wants a new start. In the next scene John Burroughs is at a steel mill in Canada starting work, but more importantly reading a book for a college class. Looks like he is making a fresh start and doing something with his life after all.

    The sub-plot of this episode has Jack's daughter Hanna coming back to live with him. He is very nervous to say the least and Hanna does not know what to expect. Upon their arrival to the apartment, Jack gets a call and has to leave. He comes home later and Hanna is gone and he is very upset and calls her. In the end however, she has made spaghetti for diner and he is very surprised. He had brought Chinese home for dinner but says it can be lunch for tomorrow. The show is handling this very well. It seems in most shows, the parents and children are at each other's throats. I mean disagreements are ok, but in most shows it is a little extreme. If this episode is any indication of what the future holds, the parent/child drama will not be there. This is a good thing. I think that the drama between the parent's and children take away from the show and put those relationships in a negative light. My 2 cents worth.moreless
  • A mixed episode, dealing with both Jack's and his daughter's personal affairs and the emotional drama of the missing person. Not focusing so much on the action sequences, but instead trying to shed some light on the Why behind the Howmoreless

    The center of attention for this episode is John, a 34-year-old person who suffers from lack of self-esteem, due to his mother's lack of attention when he was a child. He spends his life assuming various identities, with the culmination of this practice being his taking up the identity of an acquaintance of his who was a doctor. The doctor was the son of the family for which his mom was an in-house nanny, and therefore got all the attention instead of John. The team tries to find John and follows the leads up to a point, when Danny and Martin decide to leave him alone. Technically he is not a missing person so he isn't under their jurisdiction, and Danny makes a point of how difficult it is to try to change your name and get a clean break.

    There is a number of intense dialogue scenes giving the viewer an insight on why John feels the way he feels, and what drives him to assume false identities, as well as the regrets he has when he finally falls in love and everything is ruined because of that. At the end of the episode we see him getting a job and an education with his real name, not trying to pretend he's someone else anymore.

    On the margins of all that Jack's daughter Hannah moves in and things are much better than he hopes with her. It's nice to see him try to overcome hic control issues and emotional outbursts and really try to be a father for her. Let's see what happens when Samantha is introduced into the picture.moreless
  • A college student disappears while throwing a party at the college he attends. An investigation reveals the student is not the person he claims to be. Meanwhile Jack attempts to reconnect with his oldest daughter who has moved back from Chicago.moreless

    "Without a Trace" continues to struggle this season. With few exceptions many of the episodes this season are dull and uninteresting. They seem more like episodes of "Days of Our Lives" than a crime drama. The script is also weak here. The writer of this episode have obviously seen the movie "Catch Me if You Can." This episode suffers from a lack of suspense and comes to an anti-climactic conclusion. The team just decides to give up the search and have a tofu burger. Jack and the team have always been determined to solve the cases before them. What happened?moreless
Kristin Richardson

Kristin Richardson

Chelsea Keyes

Guest Star

Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker

Jay Lester/Blake Keyes/Jon Burroughs

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle


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Vanessa Marano

Vanessa Marano

Hanna Malone

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