Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 17

Check Your Head

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2006 on CBS
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Rachel Gibson, an agoraphobic advice columnist, goes missing from her apartment after sending her latest article to the paper. The team gets involved to try to find out what happened and initially suspects that Rachel was kidnapped, especially after an eye witness tells them about seeing a man drag her out of her apartment, but turn their attention to a man who was believed to be stalking her once they find out that Rachel had recently purchased a handgun.moreless

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  • Jack and his team investiagte the disappearance of an agoraphobic advice columnist.

    "Check Your Head" is not the best episode of Without a Trace but it isn't the worst either. I have to admit that I can't understand the cause of Rachel's agoraphobia. When it is revealed what the cause is, I frankly couldn't understand it. By the way, why couldn't she just take her jacket off? Despite this the acting in the episode is quite good. It's almost worth watching the episode to see Anthony Lapaglia and Enrique Murciano's rendition of "That's Amore!" "Check Your Head" is not great, but it's still worth watching. "When the moon hits your eye like..."moreless
  • A happy ending for a change. Nice!

    I can't believe in this day and age there are people who'd pan this simple because of the lifestyle of two actors playing parts on the show. It's the twenty first century people. Like the show title says 'check your head' in the in the wrong place.

    There was humor, the rock paper scissors moment to see who had to go deal with the crazy lady in the pin setting machine had me laughing out loud. The laundry delivery guy trying to get her out of her apartment was also amusing.

    One of my favorites episodes. And I DID enjoy seeing Christina Hendricks kissing another girl, again. Firefly anyone?moreless
  • A different kind of love story with happy ending.

    Absolutely great episode. It was nice to see a lesbian story, where none of the two of them was killer or a victim. I loved the purposely clichéd end, where everyone was happy and cops played bowling with maffia :D just perfect. Every detail was done so not to fall into a small clichés (when Bianca anounces to Vivian shes gay and expects reaction.. and nothing happens) and at the and you got something so sweet, that it barely fits in this show... bu still does. Plus it's really funny. I wish for more funny and optimistic episodes like this one.moreless
  • Rachel Gibson is an agoraphobic & she pays a man to drag her out of her house. She heads to her assistants (whom she likes) fathers shop. The team learns her agoraphobia was caused by her ex-best friend & Jack finds her. She ends up kissing her assistant.moreless

    Comedy played a major role in this episode. I didn't think there would be an episode like this one. There were several funny moments which kept me laughing. The plot was also interesting, an agoraphobic leaves her house because she doesn't know how to tell her assistant she likes her. The ending was extremely funny when Jack and Danny sang Amore together. This episode was a break the missing person dieing. However, I missed the twists and turns of usual episodes. All in all, this was a very good episode and in the future I hope to see more like Check Your Head.moreless
  • Rachel is an advice columnist who also happens to be agoraphobic. She hasn't been out of her apartment in years, but now she is missing. What could have pushed, pulled, or dragged her into the world she fears so much?moreless

    If you have read the other reviews, or even watched this episode, you know what Check Your Head is all about. My summary pretty much "sums it up". Rachel suffers from an abnormal fear of open or public spaces. If you have seen the movie Copycat with Sigourney Weaver and Harry Connick, Jr., you have some idea of how a person too afraid to leave their apartment can cope and even make a living without ever stepping outside their door. Pretty much from the beginning you can tell that this episode is different from all the rest. The narration provided by Rachel in the form of her answer to one of her readers is very interesting. The character of Pookie Bear is also a nice touch- a sensitive mountain of an ex-con with an interesting vocabulary and a true devotion to Rachel. Jack almost appears under the influence in one of his interviews with a suspect. He slurs his speech and has droopy eyes. The dialogue in the whole episode made you want to giggle, and no scene was funnier than the Chinese laundryman trying to get Rachel out of her apartment and her giving him encouragement in the process. When is the last time Vivian, Sam, and Elena paid a visit to a suspect together? This was surely done to elicit the Charlie's Angels comment. And their timing was perfect when they ordered a latte, cappucino, and double from the mob boss/olive oil businessman/father of Rachel's girlfriend. Finally, when Jack and Danny went to the bowling alley and did rock/paper/scissors to see who would approach Rachel, and then they sang "Amore", it just was the cherry on top of this surreal sundae!moreless
Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks

Rachel Gibson

Guest Star

Francesca Ingrassia

Francesca Ingrassia

Bianca Stone

Guest Star

Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks

Sal Marcello

Guest Star

Joshua Gomez

Joshua Gomez

James Mackeroy

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Danny Taylor: (whispers quietly in her ear) Horny in the office?
      Vivian Johnson: (startled) What??!!
      Danny Taylor: No, look. It says it right here (points to newspaper)

    • (Jack walks over to Danny's desk while he is clipping out Rachel's columns from a stack of newspapers.)
      Jack Malone: What's next? A juice box and a nap? Where are we with the threatening letters?

    • Elena Delgado: I have more letters, many of them from the unhappily incarcerated.
      Jack Malone: Are there the happily incarcerated?

    • Rachel Gibson: What is wrong with you?
      Jack Malone: We don't have enough time to discuss that subject. What is wrong with you?
      Rachel Gibson: I'm an agoraphobic.
      Jack Malone: You live fifteen miles from here. You've got to be the world's worst agoraphobic. Look ... the only reason that you're laying here is because you don't know how to tell your ... your girlfriend that you like her.
      Rachel Gibson: I've never been a lesbian. I don't know what to do.
      Jack Malone: I've never been a lesbian either. Well, I did have this dream once. It's a different subject, but look, I can't help you, okay?

    • Jack Malone: I know everything, okay? I know about the convict, the laundry guy, the mobster. You know, for somebody who's been locked away in their apartment for two years, your life is a hell of a lot more interesting than mine.

    • Mob Enforcer: You got a warrant in your pocket, toots?
      Vivian Johnson: You got an unlicensed firearm in that jacket?
      Mob Enforcer: Well, let's all frisk each other and see what we find.

    • Jack Malone: You're a stalker, Mr. Hill. You are the principle suspect in a kidnapping case. You've written her I don't know how many letters. You're a drunk, and apparently, you're an idiot.
      Peter Hill: (indignantly) I am not a drunk.

    • Danny Taylor: We're morbid, Jack.
      Jack Malone: Why is that?
      Danny Taylor: Well, unless something really bad is happening to somebody, it just doesn't feel like a day at the office.

    • James Mackeroy: I didn't sleep through all my classes at Quantico.
      Samantha Spade: I did.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: May 6, 2009 on Nrk1
      Slovakia: December 7, 2009 on Markiza

    • German episode title: "Angstzustände," meaning "States Of Anxiety."

    • The song featured at the beginning and end of the episode was That's Amore by Dean Martin.

    • This episode featured an alert for missing child Anisa Jackson. Jackson was believed to have been abducted by her father, Phillip Jerome Jackson, who shared custody of the little girl with her mother. Luckily, she was found safe and sound in Alabama and has been reunited with her mother. Her father is now in FBI custody.


    • Samantha Spade: Family olive oil business? You've got to be kidding me.
      Vivian Johnson: Guy's got to make a buck. At least he's not into waste management.

      The mentions of olive oil and waste management are allusions to the classic film The Godfather, in which The Corleone family uses an oilve oil company as a front, and the televison series The Sopranos, in which Tony Soprano uses waste management as a front.

    • (As Vivian, Elena and Sam walk into Sal Marcello's business.)
      Mob Enforcer: What is this? Charlie's angels?

      Charlie's Angels was a popular drama/comedy produced by Aaron Spelling that aired from 1976-1981, and spawned two films -- Charlie's Angels (2000) and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003).

    • Samantha Spade: [W]hen I was a kid, I was afraid of tomatoes.
      Martin Fitzgerald: Tomatoes?
      Samantha Spade: Mmm-hmm.
      Martin Fitzgerald: What, like they were going to attack you?

      This is a reference to the film Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978), which spoofs B-level horror movies.