Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 16

Clare de Lune

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2003 on CBS

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  • Whose the monster..

    A girl who suffered mystical breakdown gets lost in mad house while being in little locked room. And that triggers a series of suspicious - how did she get out, why she had nervous breakdown, what happened with her in the past.

    So, I most say it had exciting, many layered and mysterious storyline.. and the way this episode in some point seemed to be more about the past than the missing itself.. and how it was so sure that they knew what happened but in the end it came out that she was behind the accident in past.. and had to live it all the time.
  • A*

    The end of this episode was extremely sad. I think this is my fave ever episode. Even my best friend who doesn't like the show watched this one and said it was good. I feel so sorry for Danny. Amber Tamblyn is a great actress. She really put all her emotion into this one. Loved it!