Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • Jack has to learn how not to be the boss

    In this episode of Without a Trace, the following happens. A man by the name of Ryan Mitchell goes missing. The team soon learn that his daughter went missing a few years ago and no trace was ever found of her. The team learn of a physic that he went to see; when they get there they learn that the physic had a vision that he murdered his own daughter and buried her. The team learn of the identity of a woman they believe may have taken his daughter, Lindsay. They learn that the woman now has an 8 year old daughter and so head there to see if it is in fact Lindsay. They soon find Ryan outside of the ice cream store where his daughter went missing. They have found his missing little girl. Jack tells him that if they hadn't been looking for him then they never would have found her.
  • The seventh season begins with the team searching for a man who's own daughter vanished several years ago. Meanwhile, Jack has to deal with being demoted and trying to adjust (along with the rest of the team) to the new boss Clark Medina.

    The elements which make "Without a Trace" a show worth watching are here. Top notch performances by the main cast as well as well written storylines. While "Closure" is a good episode and I do recommend it, I was a little turned off by the recycled plot devices. Seeing Jack trying to accept the fact that he's not the man in charge anymore is one such plot device. While Steven Weber is a good actor and I have enjoyed his work in the past, I don't like how is character is set up. All arrogant and hoping Jack screws up.
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