Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 10

Coming Home

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 2003 on CBS

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  • Truth worth killing

    So, that episode was somekind of really good one but on the pace, not too good. I liked the story and that it was all about reserving the most important - the family. The man killed wanted to tell to be truthful with his wife and save his family and the woman who killed him did it to save her family - to not get the truth about her husband out. So, they well all out for the same thing but so different way.

    If story was good, then the pace really was lost somewhere in middle and the whole thing with shooting aftermath and telling truth to Jack.. not bad but somehow pushed the whole feeling of the balance.
  • Luke Horton is the man of the hour at his 10 year high school reunion. With a wife and a baby boy on the way, he disappears after taking a drunk classmate home. Martin and Vivian must come clean over a previous incident.

    This episode was pretty straightforward although the ending was a little surprising. I found it frustrating and hard to understand how Luke could be so selfish that he would insist on coming out when he knew it would destroy his family and the family of his boyfriend. In the episode, Luke expressed concern that his son would one day ask him \\\"who are you, what are you?\\\". He no longer wanted to live a lie and could not continue with his affair, but didn\\\'t he realize that coming clean was going to have the same or worse effect than if he continued to keep his homosexuality from his wife and son? What about his lover? He said he loved Luke but he was not willing to let him go. I found the self-destructive actions of both men extremely frustrating. Danny summed it up when he said that what made him angry was that Luke knew he was gay since high school but got married and was going to have a baby anyway. On another story line, Martin tells Jack the truth about the shooting because he knows he cannot pass a polygraph. Jack is hurt by Vivian\\\'s lie, and she throws it back in his face.