Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2003 on CBS

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  • A con-woman goes missing at her own engagement party.

    I liked this episode, is the culprit the distraught fiancé or her partner in crime?

    I liked the fiance Christopher. I felt for him, the playboy finally settles down with the woman of his dreams and turns out she’s been lying to him since the day they met! I *loved* the proposal, it was so spontaneous and from the heart, this is the kind of proposal a girl dreams of. Out of the blue, suddenly he realizes he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Made it all the more tragic. Misinterpreting seeing her with her partner, her partner matter-of-factly states how she was going straight to be with Christopher. Seeing the murder, he didn’t even give her a chance to explain, she must have wondered why. That’s what gets me about this episode, that she died because of a misunderstanding.

    An excellent episode, twists and turns, different suspects with very different motives and all the classics: jealousy, crime and romance.
  • A woman goes out for a pack of cigs and disappears. She was recently engaged to a very nice steady guy and seemed like the perfect woman. Her true past is soon revealed though.

    There might be some spoilers in this...

    I liked this episode, because in the true tradition of the best of these kind of shows, what seems very straightforward at the beginning turns out to be anything but. A party, an engagement, a huge engagement ring and a desire for tobacco. Wife to be leaves the party for cigarettes and disappears into the ether. Soon to be husband is suitably distraught and tells detectives about his perfect bride to be.

    However, the happy picture is spoiled very soon when detectives discover that, far from being perfect, the missing woman was actually a con artist with a long history of jobs behind her.

    That's not the only twist though - there are old partners who may or may not be out of the picture now, money owing, a number of p'd off punters - and the husband himself, who is discovered in more than one lie.

    The ending is one of those that I don't like, but realise reflects the truth, when far from being able to wrap things up neatly, it looks as though a murderer might just get away with it.
  • Matter of identity..

    This episode has quite an interesting story - a happily soon to be married couple.. rich, have money.. everything looks fine but the woman disappears and all her dark secrets start to come up as noone have had real idea who she is. Nothing seems to be right about her. Seems liked she lied to everyone, even her own fiancee. And that gets to tragic end when he gets to her and frames someone else.. but then, the only true thing she had, she wanted to marry him and stop what she did.. Irony? And they let Samantha back to field.. but they all seemed to be worried.