Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another great epi, with a real shocker in the end

    Another great epi, and one of the most well written for this season. The twists and turns in the case were very exciting and the element with the prison groupie was completely unexpected, so we couldn't have guessed exactly how the brother was implicated until his girlfriend was revealed to us. Great acting, great script, everything was excellent! And Samantha looks better and better with each epi!

    I'm really worried about the accident in the end, but I think Samantha will get off clear because the impact was on Brian's side. She'll probably just have a few injuries. Though I must say I don't understand why the writers would want to kill off Brian's character, after him and Jack managing to get along so well together in the previous episode. Also, I'm very curious about how Martin will react when he finally has to admit his suspicions about Kim were based on the truth.
  • Jack and the team look into the disappearance of a pshychologist. It's soon found out that the missing person has a brother who is in prison for multiple rapes. Could this convict brother have anything to do with the disappearance?

    When I first heard that the missing person was convinced his incarcerated brother was innocent I assumed I knew where the story was going. I was wrong. That is one of the reasons why I liked this particular episode. The story concerning the disappearance was very well written. That is not to say this episode is without its flaws. Jack trying to convince Samantha not to drive Brian to the airport was a crystal clear indicator that something was going to happen. Also, why Martin chose to see his new girlfriend after finding out things aren't right is very odd.