Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 17

Deep Water

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A newly elected senator goes missing and Jack immediately turns his attention towards her husband.

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  • Bravo Anthony Lapaglia! A cool change in how the show presents the case for a writing debut.

    For a change, we know from the beginning what happen with the victim. The trick is how to find her and resolve who and why?

    It was a great episode, i'm sorry to say with a predictible ending (sorry because i want for our dearest Jack Malone a flawless debut as writer).

    The team deal with the world of politics, the missing person is a just elected senator, and they will discover ecological damage to new york in hands of one of the major finalcial supporter of the senator.

    Of course malone plays with the idealistic, scrupulous senator and the interest if she vote against a law that benefits her major financial supporter.

    We have to decide who we support, the impositive father and the left behind shadowed husband.

    At the end (MAJOR SPOILER), the hubbie was the murderer because he was the "black gold" man acomplice.

    One thing i'm not getting lately, i should say i disagree lately is that we get to see too little of each character's part in the whole investigation, sometimes i don't even remember to see any of them in one episode. Is it in real life FBI missing person squad?moreless
  • LaPagila has potential in writing

    Again a great show and why I watch as this kind of mirrors the Scott Peterson case. When a US Senator goes missing and the husband is the prime suspect. As series star Anthony LaPaglia takes a turn at scriptwriting and makes a great debut as he has a lot of potential. We get to also see a rare "nice guy" side of Jack this time.
  • Anthony Lapaglia takes a turn as writer and it results in a great storyline

    I must say, I was really impressed. I'm not a fan of the Jack-centered episodes, but this one was really good!! Way to go Anthony! I love the way it started, the camera movements, the hurried pace, it was dramatic. Loved the banter, most of all the "I got get a boat." Always loved Martin & Viv, especially since "A Tree Falls." I think next to Sam and Martin, that is the best investigative pairing. They just feed off each other well. Overall a really tight, well-executed story line.

    I think Marty might have trimmed his hair a bit.

    Annoyed by Elena's trendy outfit (I wear that stuff to work, but I work in PUBLIC RELATIONS, not the FBI).

    No Danny/Elena which I thought was good....I don't want any overkill on that storyline. Anyone watch the 4400? That show gets me through the summer months Jacqueline McKenzie, who played Patricia Mills, is on that show.moreless
  • Good but not great

    This episode was different then all the others. They kept flashing back to the murder but not showing who committed it until the end. The husband acting meek at first then forceful was a dead give away. What's his name should keep writing episodes. It was a good first try and I'm sure he will get better.
  • Written by Anthony LaPlagia, the search for a missing senetor.

    I thought this was a good show but I didn't exactly like knowing what the fate of the missing was before the show even started. The fun is trying to figure it all out. I had the husband pegged at the press conf. Still well written by Anthony and a good show all around!
Leyna Nguyen

Leyna Nguyen


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John Eric Montana


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Terry Woodberry

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Adriana DeMeo


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Bill Smitrovich

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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Alan Crane: When you're ready to talk, I have some interesting ideas to run by you.
      Hayden Mills What, are you throwing your hat into the ring?
      Alan Crane: Yes sir, I am! I can make you a lot of money.
      Hayden Mills: Alan, you couldn't even run a Dairy Queen! Look, I like you, son, but I'm not your daddy and I don't owe you anything. Do you hear me?
      Alan Crane: I hear you.

    • (The other agents are talking to Jack via speakerphone.)
      Jack Malone: I want you guys to follow every lead until it dead ends. Aside from all three branches of government, I'm gonna have Olczyk up my ass on this one.
      Alex Olczyk: I'm already up it, Jack. And I'm not coming out until you find Senator Mills.
      Jack Malone: Hey, listen, would you mind checking my prostate while you're up there?

    • Jack Malone: Hello? Hello?
      Martin Fitzgerald: We can hear you.
      Jack Malone: Hello? Hello?
      Samantha Spade: Yes, Jack, go ahead, we can hear you.
      Jack Malone: Hello? Can you hear me?
      All: Yes!

    • (After talking to Sarah.)
      Jack Malone: I've got to get a boat.

    • Sarah: Patty's great. Loves to talk about boats.
      Jack Malone: How about her husband?
      Sarah: Not a fan.
      Jack Malone: Why's that?
      Sarah: Put it this way. If my breasts had eyes, we'd make a lot of eye contact.
      Jack Malone: Got it.

    • Jack Malone (after the press conference): I find it interesting that the father gives the statement and not the husband. If it was my wife, I'd be running point on this. Better call your husband, tell him you're never coming home. (Vivian sighs) This one's going into overtime.

    • (Jack picks his way through the press to get to Vivian.)
      Vivian Johnson: Welcome to the show.
      Jack Malone: Somebody should alert the media.
      Vivian Johnson: Are those Knicks tickets?
      Jack Malone: Yeah, I like to carry them around, give me the illusion of a personal life.
      Vivian Johnson: Sorry about your day off.
      Jack Malone: That's all right. I think I'd rather look for a missing U.S. senator than watch the Knicks.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Music:
      "Gold" by Sol Seppy

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: October 23, 2009 on Nrk1
      Slovakia: October 29, 2010 on Markiza

    • This episode marked Anthony LaPaglia's first experience in scriptwriting as he was inspired by a number of real-life events (the Scott Petersen trial, recent news about the government wishing to extend where oil drilling is allowed, and Joseph Kennedy grooming his children for political careers). The idea solidified for him during a conversation with makeup artist Michael Mills, and after eight months, LaPaglia presented the finished product to producers. After a little bit of tweaking, the script went into production. This episode has a noticeably different feel to it than previous episodes (e.g. much 'lighter' Jack Malone, first instance where the fate of the missing person in the opening scene).

    • Special billing was given to David Birney (with) and John Doman (and) in this episode.

    • This episode featured a missing person's alert for Karen Aguilar. Karen and her young brother Jesus Jr. and older half-sister Crystal Mendoza are believed to have been kidnapped by Jesus Aguilar Sr. and his wife, Connie Mendoza Aguilar. Aguilar and his wife had their parental rights terminated by the state of Texas in 2006 after Crystal revealed to police that her step-father had been molesting her for many years.