Without a Trace

Season 6 Episode 15

Deja Vu

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The team searches for a coma patient who had woken up after three years only to disappear.

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  • A Recovery, An End, A Return

    Recovery. This is the main plot of the episode. A man awakes from coma after 3 years. And he goes missing. An okay plot but with a few queries. Did he really give his brother a serious fist for trying to save him from his philandering ways. Really? Disappointment yes. Anger - not feeling it. Storyline was alright - but not particularly engaging. I felt more for the wife.

    Return. The coma victim re-entered his coma. Karma? Or did he awake to do what he needed to do - solve another disappearance.

    End. Jack. Jack. Jack. He stumbles out of a hospital. Searches an apartment, finds a victim, searches and intimidates a witness. Walks, how long? And finds where the victim from S5 E24 was taken. So, questions: 1. How did Jack leave the hospital unnoticed? 2. Does Jack not know the phone number for NYPD? He had so many opportunities to call it. 3. Why did the kidnapper take the girl back to the restaurant? 4. When is Jack going to get the much needed psych review? Come on. That behaviour was not normal. Does he have a hero complex? Afraid to ask for help? Yes, noone from NYPD might have gotten the Milt Diner link - but they probably would have kept him in the loop and he would have come up with it anyway. 5. Would you be terrified of a stumbling, bust up man brandishing no credentials? Terrified enough to hand over info? 6. If Jack, the girl and the mother thinks that the criminals would try to silence the girl as a witness, where was her state protection?

    To me, the Jack arc wasn't so great. Please move away from that.moreless
  • The team investigates the case of a business man went missing after he miraculously came out of a three-year coma. Elsewhere, while he is recovering from his injuries in the hospital, Jack gets a call from the girl he saved in the previous season finale.moreless

    This particular episode of Without a Trace is very entertaining and well acted, I do not consider it one of my favorites. One major flaw is that I had a lot of trouble believing that Jack was able to just walk out of the hospital with not a single staff member noticing him leave. He can barely stand up and is very slow moving due to his injuries, yet he just walked out of the hospital. Another problem is that I never got very involved in the story of either plot line. Still, I still think the episode is good.moreless
  • Man wakes up in hospital from being in a coma for 3years .6 weeks later he goes for a walk from hospital before being discharged then disapears.

    Fun scene at the beginning about the nurse when Elena and Sam visit Jack at the hospital,and when Sam is talking to Jack on the phone when he says sorry he's an ass.Sams remark was that she's used to it.(GREAT STUFF).

    jane long calls Jacks mobil phone and leaves a message on it.Jack calls Sam from the hospital to say he thinks Jane is in trouble and that she is being followed he askes Sam if she could check up on here,but Sam sayes that they are busey looking into the case of the missing man,Sams says that she could send the NYPD to check things out then let Jack know when she hears anything.Sam talks to Jack on phone says that NYPD drove by the house no one was home.Sam still can't get away,but we all know Jack the stubborn man that he is so he decides to leave the hospital which he should'nt in his condition and meets up with Janes mother.

    Back to Jay Mc can it looks like the reason he woke from his coma was something to do with his brother.Jay wanted to know what happend the woman that they both new and that Jay had an affair with her years ago.Sad ending with jay he did'nt die you'll see! did'nt want to give to much away.

    Jack talks to Janes mum she says she sent Jane to her sisters apartment.Jack talks to Janes aunt and Jack finds out that Joe Guisti is looking for her to stop her from testifying in cort.Jack goes to the park looking for jane asks a few qustions.Sam calls Jack to see where he is,Jack tells here where he is and tells here to bring some back up,by naw Jack looks awful.Jack findes a diner goes in runs out the back as he hears Jane scscreaming,and sees Jo Guisti pushing jane into a van Joe starts to drive of Jack starts shooting at windscreen,to stop Joe driving away nocks Jack on the ground crashes van gets out to shoot Jack,Jack shoots joe first just in the nick of time.Sam turns up with backup gets in ambulance with Jack.Great story line(Had me on the edge of my seat the last 8mins of the show).Hope the writers give Jack a break he realy has had a hard time of it.Iknow there's the Elenas x hub to contend with but that might be up to Danny next time.Fantastic episode loved it.moreless
  • good episode...

    I liked this episode a lot. A patient wakes up from a coma after three years and starts remembering things. He disappears, which just turns out to be a father that wants his son to wake up from the coma. The episode took different turns and it was interesting. Meanwhile, Jack is still recovering and decides to go off and save someone. Wow. He looked like crap and he was just walking around the city. It was almost cheesy...but then it was interesting and adventurous. I liked it. Overall, it was a solid episode. I liked the coma patient character; he was intereting.moreless
Christopher Wiehl

Christopher Wiehl

Jay McCann

Guest Star

Missy Yager

Missy Yager

Kimberly McCann

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Susan Ziegler

Susan Ziegler

Nurse Rhonda

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Haley Ramm

Haley Ramm

Jen Long

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Jack is getting ready to go into an ambulance.)
      Samantha Spade: Hey, you know, I'm gonna ride with you.
      Jack Malone: Go home. I'll be fine.
      (Sam goes into the ambulance anyway.)

    • (Jack is in the hospital. Sam and Elena come with flowers and a card.)
      Jack Malone: Nice flowers.
      Samantha Spade: They're from the office. Everyone was concerned.
      Jack Malone: Concerned I was shot or concerned I'm coming back?
      Samantha Spade: A little bit of both.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: May 6, 2008 on TV3+
      Czech Republic: August 6, 2008 on TV Nova
      United Kingdom: September 4, 2008 on More4
      Turkey: December 22, 2008 on CNBC-e
      Slovakia: December 2, 2010 on Markiza

    • This episode featured a missing person's alert for Luz Karina Campos.


    • Title: "Deja Vu"

      The title of this episodes refers to the words "Déjà Vu", which is french for: "already seen"; an individual feels as though an event has already happened.