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Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 22


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 05, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A teen, last seen on video being agitated around her abductor, goes missing, and the team must do all they can to find her before its too late!

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  • Oh such a sad episode

    Haven't had one of these for a long time, its nice to see that the cast Get a chance to be able to have an input in the show as Lyta 499 said Anthony Lapaglia wrote this episode so well done to him well written. I know there are people out there who are hypocritical about this show Saying that it can be sometimes depressing but no more than say some Other shows like the CSI, S even 24hours they two can be depressing Or violent, its good sometimes to have sad endings you cant always Have happy endings it would otherwise get to boring to watch but it Did have me in tears in the end.moreless
  • La Paglia has written one of the most entertaining, suspenseful and original episodes of WAT in the past few seasons, and in my opinion this should be classifies as a series classic.moreless

    Not only is Anthony LaPaglia an amazing, charming actor, but he can write a mean script as well! When I first noticed his name in the writing credits I thought to myself "This will be interesting", but it turned out to be way more than that! La Paglia has written one of the most entertaining, suspenseful and original episodes of WAT in the past few seasons, and in my opinion this should be classifies as a series classic. Some of the things that deserve a thumbs up: the humoristic lines thrown in by Jack (this is the most humorous and cool we've seen him so far, though perhaps the WAT/CSI crossover exceeds it a little bit in coolness), the chinese cultural and visual backdrop of the story, the doomed, eternal love dominating the main plotline. What can I say? Excellent! It seems they should've let him do some more writing.

    The details of the case concern a young chinese girl and her boyfriend, who unfortunately happens to be a drug addict. They are very much in love and Stacy manages to keep his habit in check. But she needs to go away for an art school scolarship, and her boyfriend doesn't have the money to follow. So she sets him up with a job in her stepfather's business. The stress is too much and the boyfriend becomes a heavy addict, OD'ing soon afterwards. A little before he dies he tells Stacy her stepfather runs an illegal organ harvesting clinic, stealing organs out of poor people and selling them. Stacy threatens to expose her stepfather. He collaborates with the dead boyfriend's mother, who is a very strict, traditional woman, to abduct Stacy and organize a "ghost marriage", a ceremony where the spirits of the two lovers will unite in death.

    The final scene with the marriage is very beautiful, almost poetic, mixing the elements of the building with the ceremonial decoration and clothing to produce a very artistic effect. The whole episode left a lasting impression in my mind.moreless
  • When a disturbing video of a young Chinese girl being threatened by her abductor surfaces, Jack and the team begin a desparate search for the girl before it's too late.

    If I could classify this episode I would do so as either "Painful to Watch" or "They Did This One Already." The reason for the latter is because the storyline for this episode was recycled from a recent episode of "Numb3rs" titled "Trouble in Chinatown." I saw many similarities here. The reason for the former is this episode has to be the most depressing one of this particular series to date. Especially the final scenes. The final scenes also make you stop and think. Could a person love another so much that they would rather die than live without them?moreless
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