Without a Trace

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2004 on CBS

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  • Emotional episode on brotherhood

    So two brothers, identical twins are the suspects in murder and longer they dig into it, more confusing it gets. One brother seems to be the one who did it, then others.. then first one says he did.. then they all play.. so a lot of turns and clever moves but in the end we really start to get the story and it is really scary. There is not only one murder - the missing girlfriend but another 6 woman.. and as they are twins.. same egg, they have same dna and that what one of them plays and the other takes blame, not guilty, probably.

    So.. great psychology game, great turns.. good one.
  • The real suspect blamed it on the innocent

    Unlike the other episodes, where the agents try to find missing people, the agents interrogate two potential suspects (Definitely, assuming that one of them is the suspect they are looking for) before they lose the custody of them at this time.

    Identical twins.. It can become a very interesting material for movies or plays, but after this episode, I realized it can also become a great excuse to blame the crime one did on the other one. I think the suspect(either Greg or Rick) is really smart when it comes to crime and baffling the agents. Look at his way of talking to Martin! And he finally provoked him into prematurely bringing up the unsolved murder cases, which were very important in the investigation to arrest him.

    Anyway, the suspect succeeded in making the other one admit what he didn't even do, so he could set himself free. I think the conclusion of the episode was realistic even though the bad guy didn't get what he deserved.
  • Another simple disappearance is complicated by the two suspects being identical twins.

    Tony Goldwyn stars in this one as twin brothers. The wife of one goes missing and suspicion falls naturally on the husband. However, things get complicated when it turns out that he has a twin, who also has a possibly shady past and who might have been flirting with his brother's wife.

    It's slightly different to other episodes in the series, because it's less about a race against time as an interrogation of two people, either one, or both of whom might be responsible.

    It's not my favourite episode - after all the 'twin' thing has been done again and again. But it is interesting, because it's not clear who's the culprit.

    The ending is realistic, but deeply dissatisfying, only because I like things wrapped up neatly and the bad guys getting their comeuppance.
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