Without a Trace

Season 3 Episode 8

Doppelgänger II

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2004 on CBS

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  • Great story - finally justice for an innocent twin!!

    Arriving later than never into the series, I just wanna say that I\'m loving them all and watching all the reruns for the first time. This particular episode truly appealed to me as an audience as the \"evil twin\" was incredibly smart and crafty and there were lots of twists and turns but eventually all the pieces begin to fall when the team finally realizes that there is an innocent man in prison. To prove their case turned out to be a lot harder than they expected but in this episode Jack is determined to lay down a trap. To answer the previous comment about the divorce papers that Jack was reading, it was a clue as to what type of serial killer they were dealing with.

    It was obviously clear now what the motive to the killing was which was that the \"evil twin\" brother was not able to consummate their marriage because he was gay but in his sick twisted mind, he was obsessed with his brother and that gave him the motive to kill all those women since all of them knew the brother and dated him.

    The final confrontation scene was truly \"pivotal\" or anti climatic because I was beginning to dread that there was an ugly confrontation between the twins and the \"good twin\" had finally snapped and killed his \"evil twin\" but, Jack is cautious and suspicious when he sees traces of blood leading into another direction, and yells out the word \"mouse\" - and recover the injured body of the injured \"good twin\"!! That was a great emotional tangle for me to finally get that good ending.
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