Without a Trace

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 08, 2008 on CBS
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A truck driver goes missing after saving a boy's life, and the team determines if that has anything to do with his disappearance. Meanwhile, Jack's mental health is examined by a psychiatrist.

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  • Slightly disapppointing but worth it for the Jack/Sam scenes.

    This episode opens with Jack watching Jen from his car, as she is going to school. A car repo man goes missing, his name is Connor. We learn that he saved a kid a couple of weeks before from a truck knocking him over. Jack gives Sam a file on her baby's father; she calls him in and asks him questions about what was in his file. He tells her that nothing happened, and that all of the allegations were dropped, and he walks out. We learn that Connor's son and wife died in a fire, he was unable to save them. We also learn that Jack is in therapy. Jack and Sam have a very heated argument. It is discovered that Connor was last seen with a kid who was getting chased, we picked him up. The kid is brought into the FBI offices. It turns out the kid shoot him and killed him, or at least that was what he wanted his friends to think, and we learn that the Connor is still alive. The team find him, barley alive.

    Overall an ok episode, but I personally loved the Jack/Sam scenes, and if it wasn't for them I would have switched off half way through.moreless
  • Tow truck driver hero disappears

    Joanna long from the human trafficking episode, Jack drives past her school on his way to work to see how she is getting on Joanna sees him in his car comes up to him and starts talking to him, she asks Jack what he is doing here? Joanna says she's trying to move on and that he should should do the same. I just thought that in that particular scene how rude she seemed to be and ungrateful to him there wasn't even a thank You to Jack for saving her life? He nearly lost his for her. What's happened to the whiteness protection program she's supposed to be on? Unless that's to come later. Connor Banes a tow truck driver who is a hero as well. Connor saves a boy from being knocked down from a bus as the boy went to run after his ball that went into the road. Connor went to tow away a re pose car away and shortly after that disappears.

    Turns out that Connor picket up in his truck some teenage boy who was being chased by some other youths over drugs the teenager left the drugs in the truck and came back for them. The teenager was talking to Conner then one of the other youth's turned up and wanted the drugs back he started shooting Connor got shot but managed to run of. Elena talks to the teenager the one that got into the truck and he tells her what happened, and tells her where he found Connor after the shooting but left him there. Elena and Martin find him in the end and he is ok.

    Knew Jack would be in trouble at some point with Sam she comes charging into Jacks office and tells him what she thinks about the background check on Brian Donavan she's not very happy with Jack at all. Hope Brian changes his mind and comes back some time!

    Claire Bryson psychiatrist I like her she seems to be a fun character she and Jack have a little chat. Claire tells Jack why he has an obsession with Joanna long, that way you wont have to figure out why you developed an unnatural bond with Joanna in stead of fixing your relationship with his own daughters .I believe She is right but Jack didn't say anything .I think Claire would be good for Jack the older woman that she is a motherly figure for him? Hope to see some more of her in up and coming episodes, wonder if they become good friends? Liked this episode there wasn't anything I didn't dislike about it good all round. This week was better than last weeks.moreless
  • The team investigates the disappearance of a tow truck driver who recently made headlines for saving the life of a young boy. Meanwhile Jack begins sessions with a psychiatrist.

    As much as I like the characater of Jack Malone, I was actually very glad to see him get taught a lesson here. Jack now knows that things can backfire even if you have the best intentions. The opening scene of the episode is a clear example of that when the girl tells Jack to get on with his life and the revalation that Brian Donovan, the father of Samantha's unborn child, IS who he claims to be. I thorughly enjoyed watching Samantha put Jack on his shelf. BTW, trust me, we have NOT seen the last of Brian Donovan.moreless
Linda Hunt

Linda Hunt

Clare Bryson

Guest Star

Joshua Feinman

Joshua Feinman

Frank Mullen

Guest Star

Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks

Conner Banes

Guest Star

Adam Kaufman

Adam Kaufman

Brian Donovan

Recurring Role

Haley Ramm

Haley Ramm

Jen Long

Recurring Role

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    • Clare Bryson: (referring to Jack Malone's mandatory evaluation) Standard stuff. No need to get your panties in a bunch.
      Jack Malone: Right. It's just my career we're talking about.
      Clare Bryson: Oh, how's your wing?
      Jack Malone: Better...
      Clare Bryson: What clipped you?
      Jack Malone: A 45.
      Clare Bryson: Big gun, big hurt. So, I'll see you this afternoon.

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    • Amy Sloan (Judy Haber) previously guest starred as a different character in the Season 2 episode "Risen."

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: May 20, 2008 on TV3+
      Australia: July 6, 2008 on Network 9
      Czech Republic: August 27, 2008 on TV Nova
      United Kingdom: September 18, 2008 on More4
      Turkey: January 5, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Slovakia: December 6, 2010 on Markiza