Without a Trace

Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 19, 2005 on CBS
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Paige was last seen sneaking out of her office at the same time as an NYPD detective was asking her boss to direct him to Paige for a routine inquiry. To the team's surprise, the NYPD detective turns out to have been an imposter, causing them to question why Paige chose to run from this mystery man, what he wanted -- and if he caught up with her. Further investigation uncovers that the seemingly upstanding and socially conscious Paige was involved in a lucrative identity theft ring with close ties to a terrorist on a watch list who was recently seen in New York with her. Meanwhile, the remaining team members are gravely concerned about Vivian, who is undergoing open-heart surgery on that very day.moreless

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  • A politically-minded woman in love gets the team involved in international politics, while Vivian faces her heart surgery.

    I loved this episode not just for the cliffhanger, not just for the continuation of Vivian's story (and the handsome Joseph Bell!), but for the "simple" story about a complicated political and diplomatic case. The ads brayed about the team being in the center of an international incident- and the ads were correct in their braying for once, at least.

    I loved Anna Belknap on Medical Investigations, and was happy to see her center stage as this episode's Missing Person. her story was a relatively sympathetic/empathetic one, and you could see it wasn't going to end nearly as smoothly as the team hoped.

    A fun moment was when Jack, on the heels of the bizarro dream from John Michaels, asks Sam how she is. Her overreaction is funny in that it elicits an 'wha-?' reaction from Jack. Her second reaction of contriteness made me feel better- as written, she potentially damaged a smooth-running investigative team. That's a rant for another forum, though.

    I am glad that we were not teased with Viv's post-op condition, though there was a moment, looking at Mr. Bell's lovely, tear-filled eyes when I thought I just may have had to stop watching the show. I don't need 'Viv's Home Life', but I would enjoy a few more peeks into the Johnsons' homelife- maybe a dinner party? Just me? Okay.

    I appreciate that the writers try to show the various reasons a person can end up missing. It's got to be hard to translate some ideas into a concise tv script, such as this episode's subject, but I think it is grat that they tried and suceeded so well.

    A highly-recommended episode.moreless
  • The "Endgame" season finale is definately a keeper. I can't wait to see it again during the summer re-runs. I will try to tape it next time it comes on so I can keep it in my library.moreless

    The season finale was very exciting. From the beginning to the end it had me at the tip of my seat. The guest stars were so great. The casting director deserves a tip of our hats for the wonderful casting job he or she did. I cannot wait until the new season to see what happens. I am fairly new to the show but after seeing several of the shows and especially the season finale I am indeed a new fan. I can\'t wait to see what else they have in store for us. I will buy the DVD for the 2005 season!moreless
  • This lady goes missing.

    This was a pretty boring episode, and I was really upset, because I thought last years season finale was great and the first season's was terrific. I was really amazed at how terrible this episode was. The only things that kept me awake were the fact that I was watching Without A Trace, Vivian's heart surgery and the last minute of the show. I thought that the story line could have been better, I mean this episode was badly written. This story line will also probably drag through the fourth season which is sad, cause it's kinda boring. I did like the fact that they left us hanging at the end, at least that was done well. Seeing that the Martin and Danny might die or something is the only exciting part, not that I want them to die, but at least it's something. this also might bring a chance to have new cast members to fill the place of Danny and Martin if they die or get seriously injured, hopefully what comes after this will be less boring.moreless
  • the team's missing person and her history bring the team in a middle of an international conflict.

    honestly the most exciting and nerve-wracking part of this episode was it's very last scenes. those scenes are what we, the fans, are going to be watching for and waiting for in the fall.

    the whole plot and what the episode was all about was pretty much, just average. to tell you the truth, they could have done better.


    those last scenes with Martin and Danny in the car? now that was quality TV time. now that was absolutely no doubt about it was a cliffhanger. now that was what made this episode rise about from it's average-ness. because Danny and Martin are very crucial members of the show, they're part of the building blocks of the team and the show. the intensity of the question - are they gonna live or die? - is so heavy, we, the fans, are gonna be waiting for it the whole summer and will be sitting in front of our TVs for its outcome in the fall.moreless
  • i'm apalled! how dare they call this a season finale!

    This episode was b.s., at least as season finale's go. i mean, it's a good episode and i would've enjoyed it any other day but it lack that feeling of season finale, the intensity. and those last ten seconds... oh my god that was CHEAAAP!!! i cannot believe they did that! i understand the idea of a cliff-hanger but this was totally uncalled for and out of place, just a cheap ploy to make us watch their decaying show next season even if we dont want to. i'd watch it anyways but i hate the feeling of being forced to do something.moreless
Bruce Katzman

Bruce Katzman

Dr. Trask

Guest Star

Alex Cranmer

Alex Cranmer

Police Officer

Guest Star

Deen Badarou

Deen Badarou

Embassy Officer

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the second mention (Danny found the product in the missing person's product in Season 3 episode "American Goddess") of the product "Fit & Trim" -- by Paige and her coworker early in the episode.

    • Goof: Grand Central Station only services Metro-North and Long Island Railroad trains and the farthest one can get out of town from there is Waterford, CT, or the other end of Long Island. Only the AmTrak trains depart out of town from the Penn Station and does not service Cincinnatti.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Jack Malone: How are you? How are you doing?
      Samantha Spade: It's not affecting my work, Jack.
      Jack Malone: What isn't?
      Samantha Spade: Me and Martin.
      Jack Malone: I wasn't talking about Martin.
      Samantha Spade: Then what were you talking about?
      Jack Malone: I was just trying to have a damn conversation!

    • (Jack tells Danny that Viv came out of surgery okay.)
      Danny Taylor: At least we're ending the day on an up note.
      Martin Fitzgerald: Yeah.
      (The back doors of the van in front of them open and two men in black jump out with guns and begin to fire at the car.)

    • Paige Hobson: Adisa says there's a moment that makes people take action. I guess that was my moment.

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