Without a Trace

Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 19, 2005 on CBS

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  • A politically-minded woman in love gets the team involved in international politics, while Vivian faces her heart surgery.

    I loved this episode not just for the cliffhanger, not just for the continuation of Vivian's story (and the handsome Joseph Bell!), but for the "simple" story about a complicated political and diplomatic case. The ads brayed about the team being in the center of an international incident- and the ads were correct in their braying for once, at least.

    I loved Anna Belknap on Medical Investigations, and was happy to see her center stage as this episode's Missing Person. her story was a relatively sympathetic/empathetic one, and you could see it wasn't going to end nearly as smoothly as the team hoped.

    A fun moment was when Jack, on the heels of the bizarro dream from John Michaels, asks Sam how she is. Her overreaction is funny in that it elicits an 'wha-?' reaction from Jack. Her second reaction of contriteness made me feel better- as written, she potentially damaged a smooth-running investigative team. That's a rant for another forum, though.

    I am glad that we were not teased with Viv's post-op condition, though there was a moment, looking at Mr. Bell's lovely, tear-filled eyes when I thought I just may have had to stop watching the show. I don't need 'Viv's Home Life', but I would enjoy a few more peeks into the Johnsons' homelife- maybe a dinner party? Just me? Okay.

    I appreciate that the writers try to show the various reasons a person can end up missing. It's got to be hard to translate some ideas into a concise tv script, such as this episode's subject, but I think it is grat that they tried and suceeded so well.

    A highly-recommended episode.