Without a Trace

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • What has happened to this series?

    Without a Trace used to be a fast-paced show with interesting characters and compelling plots. It also used to be based somewhat in reality. Now, the show has entered the CSI world where anything goes.

    This episode is a good example of this. Once again, FBI agents continue to track down a person who has gone on her own. Why did the intrepid FBI agents continue to pursue Megan Sullivan after they learned that she had not been kidnapped? Does the FBI have so little to do that its agents can work cases just because they find them interesting? Just what was the FBI’s jurisdiction here?
  • Follows a pregnant woman's mental journey.

    This episode follows a pregnant woman's mental journey that takes her all over the Tri-State Area around New York City. She had a pretty sad situation and they did a great job of making me feel for her. There was everything in this episode. Some aweful man gave her HIV and she risks giving the baby HIV. She also has a husband fooling around with his secretary and she is shocked when her sister tells her the unknown truth about her father, that he is not dead but he ran off with his secretary. she goes to his nusing home to see him and talk. Her mother is very controlling but at the end she makes a brave decision to tell her to stay away fro the baby and let her raise it without the contol of her mother. Justice was brought in all kinds of ways. She takes revenge on the man that gave her HIV and he gets mad but she had every right to tell the woman he was seeing that he has HIV. she may have saved her. The nurse is mean to her and it is very stressful for her. Luckily, she gave birth in a way that she would not pass on HIV to her baby.
  • A good episode but sad concept

    I didn't know HIV positive woman could give birth without passing it to their child. It was a good concept but very sad. The father leaving the mother for the secretary and the daughter leaving home was strange. The missing woman going to see the father at the nursing home was interesting.