Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on CBS
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When 17-year-old Ted Soros goes missing after a basketball game, the team begins an investigation, soon learning that Ted was an emancipated minor who was living on his own to attend a school with an exemplary basketball program. Learning he had recently contacted his mother with a request for legal advice from an uncle, the team begins to suspect that Ted may have done something that he could face criminal charges for, and realise that Ted's secret is connected to a university recruiting party. While the team works Ted's disappearance, Jack learns from Ann that she lost the baby, and waits for her at the clinic while she seeks medical attention.moreless

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  • A talented basketball player and emancipated minor, Ted Soros, goes missing. What is the link between his disappearance and a recruiting party thrown by a university- and the terrible events that happened at it? My comments thereupon. (SPOILERS)moreless

    Not really a bad episode, but it falls into some of the patterns the show has traced a little to often. The old "Oh, a seemingly well-respected person is really a murderer/rapist/terrorist, gosh how shocking...PSYCHE! They actually went missing trying to do the right thing!" While I found the gambit believable given the plot, I really shouldn't have to be disappointed when I find out someone isn't a rapist. Other well-known WAT standards are "beaten, but will be okay" (people die in some situations like that, BTW) and "Jack is sad" although, on that last point, I didn't think he and Ann were going to last anyway- they did so much arguing. One of the few things about the episode that actually touched me was Ann losing the baby- even though she wasn't my favourite character I felt bad for what happened, and then thought that this was an easy way to clear up the whole baby complication and THEN felt bad for thinking of it that way... anyhow, messy. But when it gets to people just staring sadly out of windows and thinking of happier times, I WILL change the channel- I'm not immortal and therefore don't have time for that. In Jack's absence, Martin's character seemed to be more of a tough guy than usual, esp. when dealing with the parents. I also found it a little humourous that he was commiserating with a guy over Jocks when I'd have thought that's what he'd have been in highschool. Had a hard time watching the screen when Dana was raped. There's a reason they don't do flashbacks on 'Law and Order: SVU' and it's not because the producers are cheap! I know they could have made it way more shocking, but can I squeeze my eyes and legs closed a bit tighter after scenes like that? Not without cutting off some circulation. I don't think I'm alone in feeling this way, ladies (and gents?).

    Good character design for the smaller parts- the frustrated, angry fat guy, the angry/confused rape victim, the girl who liked Ted but might have also been under her landlord's persuasion.

    And good performances: the usual level of quality (high) for the most part, but Eric Close in particular did well with the slight change in his character's tone. Anthony LaPaglia showed good versatility, and I thought Mary Mastrantonio did a moving performance as Ann when the character was going through a difficult time.

    Overall, I'd say the acting was good but since the episode and plot was still lukewarm, they can get away with episodes like this but the show is capable of more.moreless
  • I like ongoing storyline in some series, but not this one. Hopefully there will be less Ann/Romance and more finding the missing persons.

    This episode was outstanding in itself. Hopefully the side story with Ann will decrease and the story of finding the missing persons will increase. This episode kept you on the edge of your seat, not knowing until the end who was the bad guy (there were 2, the guy who raped the girl and the guy who beat Ted)

    At first we think Ted is the bad guy with the fake web site, the parties, and the rape. As the episode goes on we find that Ted feels really bad about what has happened and tries to make amends to the girl his teammate raped, but to no avail. I am glad that Ted lived in this episode. The episodes are better when they find the missing person alive.moreless
  • Why did she leave Jack?

    The basic story was ok. Loved that Troi was playing the mother. I did not understand why she left Jack. There was no fight or scene in between the doctors office and the taxi scene to explain it. Not that I liked her or wanted to keep her on the show, but at least explain what's going on.
  • WaT is back on track.

    I think this was a good episode, I\'m pretty pleased. This episode, I was more interested in the MP story than I was the office happenings. I truly was not expecting the turns in this plot. I don\'t know...it was just good and the guest actors did a great job. I felt for everyone involved. Whoever played Ted Soros (or whatever his name was) is a hottie...anybody know who he is??

    Jack and Anne....you know, I could really care less about this ship. Although I think Anthony is an outstanding actor, Jack is my least favorite character on the show. But damn. I really felt bad for him and Anne. That is just a horrible thing. And when they flashed back to them on the happy on the couch, it just broke my heart. I wish we could have seen the dialogue that lead up to her leaving. So.....do you think Poppy would like a toy or clothes for her baby shower gift?? I think it is so obvious now that she is pregnant, I wonder why her camp just doesn\'t announce it. If you look in the scene when she walks to the table, just before Viv\'s chair blocks her, I think you can see the outline of her lower belly pushing against the shirt...at least that is what I think I saw. Elena/Roselyn has the best hair. It is so shiny and beautiful. It is the first thing I notice about her when she gets on screen. Martin/Eric - yay! Keep letting the hair grow, just a little bit more! Still hot though.moreless
  • I loved this episode and the music as well! Someone please advise if they know the song at the end!

    I love Without A Trace. I love the characters and the story line. One question... Does anyone know the song that was playing at the end of the show? Something about \\\"what happens next\\\". It was kind of a mellow song, but I love it. I want to find out who sings it so I can get it! Watch Without A Trace. It\\\'s a great show with great actors and actresses and always good story lines. I feel bad for Jack Malone though. I want him to be happy in life! And Samantha is hot! No, I\\\'m not a lesbian, but I think she\\\'s awesome.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Elena and Martin are looking at the security footage from the university, the computer screen identifies it as Hudson University. Hudson University has been used for many years by all of NBC's "Law & Order" shows as their "generic version" of a relatively prestigious university for stories involving college students, professors or university research.

    • Goof: When Ted calls him from the payphone outside the university, Zander answers the phone saying 'Hello, Ted'. Since Ted was calling from a payphone, there's no way that Zander could have known for certain that it was Ted calling since caller ID would have referenced the payphone rather than any number assigned to Ted.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Receptionist: Sir, if you don't lower your voice I'll have to call the police.
      Jack Malone: I am the damn police!

    • Ann Cassidy: Any sane person would wonder what we were doing.
      Jack Malone: Clearly we're not sane.

    • Ann Cassidy: We met. You introduced me to your boss.
      Jack Malone: I was married.
      Ann Cassidy: And then I was married.
      Jack Malone: Then we both weren't.
      Ann Cassidy: And now we're having a baby.

  • NOTES (3)