Without a Trace

Season 1 Episode 23

Fall Out (2)

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 15, 2003 on CBS

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  • Samantha is caught in a hostage situation and gets shot, and when another hostage tells Jack that Samantha is going to die in there, he trades himself for her.

    This episode is by far my favorite episode ever. It made me cry. I was surprised Samantha got shot. It was thrilling, yet terrifying because Samantha is my favorite character. I was afraid she was going to die. I believe this episode showed the true side of how Jack feels for Sam. He risked his life for hers. It shows in that moment, life and death, he is thinking about Samantha. That is true love.
    The acting was superb in this episode. You could smell the fear of these characters in that bookstore. I give this episode a 10.0, and I would give it higher if I could. The people in this episode deserved Emmy's for their acting.
    THis episode made me cry. It really showed what grief can do to a person. All characters showed that grief in different ways, from Barry to Jack. "In that moment" is what really counts.
  • Very sad but beautiful episode.

    I was so sure it cannot get any better than first part was as they had now in the bookstore.. and probably it all ends when they managed to talk people out.. But the way they did it.. Jack going in and trading himself for Samantha.. and the whole talking and then realizing what the amount of money he asked.. and to getting to the truth.. And the ending, when only Jack and that man are in alone.. and how he finds a way to bring them both out.. and that song.. I do not know.. but I totally cried in the end.. It was brilliant episode and I have no words to describe it..
  • awwww. so sad.

    Sam is stuck in a hostage situation and Jack tries to get her out. He is on the phone negotiating a strategy for the safe return of the hostages. Sam gets shot and the pressure grows. Jack ends up trading himself for Sam's life. THis episode has so many good Sam/Jack moments. Like when he was trying to come in and hes like i want sam, that was so cute. The song playing at the end made this episode so sad but yet great. Awesome way to end the first season.
  • A very poignant ending

    These two episodes were excellent aside from the criticism of Jack substituting himself for agents in his charge (and you're right, that was improbable). But the story of those left behind to mourn September 11 is very well done. It was so well scripted that I was hurting and crying with the character. The very end where Hallelujah was playing as Jack walked back into the home he had left and saw his children and then walked into his wife's bedroom and had me in tears. Then the camera panned from the picture on the bedroom wall of the twin towers to the window where you could see where they used to be...that was pretty powerful stuff! It was a great reminder that the attacks not only happened but that there are many people left who still have to deal with that loss every single moment of every day.
  • Uggghhh...pur-lease, like the real FBI boss would even be allowed to substitue himself for someone far less valuble.

    A complete dissapointment- just a bunch of woosy washy driff draff which failed to entertain- never mind hold suspense.

    As I said in my review of part one, if the criminal had been deadly- actually evil and had an acomplice, the show would have been off the chart- personally I believe the whole love romances in shows, i.e Sam and Jack, Sara and Grissom in CSI and loads more, take away so much from the actual show.

    Also, they should have tightened the screws in this episode- Sam would never have been so stupid as to hide her gun and badge, especially if there was only one guy, without a hostage as a body shield she could have so easily taken him out- totally out of character.

    I lost a lot of respect for the character of Sam, what the hell ever happened to girl power?
  • The episode continues from last week with Fall Out 2.

    We left of last week with a gun shot ringing through the book store and Samantha has been shot in the leg.

    Barry has informed Jack that Samantha, who has now identify herself to him as an FBI agent, has been shot, and he also makes it known to Jack that it was an accident.

    With one of his agents down, and his past, personal realtionship with her, Jack feels obligated, and trade himself for Samantha, who is given immediate medical attention once she is out.

    Jack manages to get Barry to realease all the hostages which totalled five (including Sam), and he and Barry stayed behind and began matching wits with each other about their personal lives.

    Barry noticed Jack's affection for Sam, because he traded himself for her, and critized Jack for not making up with his wife, whom we know he wished he could be with right now.

    Long story short, Jack was able to talk Barry into giving himself up, and he was taken into custody.

    The episode ended with Jack returning home to his family, and we saw a glimpse of Martin's feelings for Samantha.

    Overall, not a bad way to end a season.
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